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 Once you've started peeling from a sunburn, how to you get it to stop!?
I got sunburned on my arms a couple of weeks ago and about a day after that I started to peel. Now it won't stop! How can I get the peeling to stop for good?...

 Is it true that if you sneeze with your eyes open they will pop out?
Myth? Or real?...

 Nose is bleeding!!?
my nose has been bleeding for almost twenty minutes an only letting up a little. it is bleeding really bad, almost to the point of running out constantly in excess amounts. how do i stop it?? how ...

 With a blister on your foot due to walking will it heal better if you leave it be or if you burst it ?

 What dosage of microbid antibiotic would you give a 4 yr. old with a UTI?

 How do i quit smoking for good,no meds please(over a20 year habbit)?

 The side of my face swells when I've been drinking alcohol. Why is this?

 How do I treat a yellow jacket sting?

 This is no joke. What causes an extreme amount of gas? It needs to be released all day long and during night
I don't believe it's my diet. It can be quite embarrassing and frustrating. The odor is very strong. I'm wondering if it's some stomach disorder and I need to be seen by a ...

 Easy ways to cure poison ivy… not a fan of the doctor.?
I got it 3-4 days ago. It seems to be spreading too. I may have to “bite the bullet” and see the doctor but I really don’t want to. Help!


 Is it true that if you urinate on a jelly fish it can not sting you?
im going on holiday soon and i fear ...

 Is it ok for women let a man get to second base on a first date.?

 How do you cure a BAD sunburn?
I sat outside for like a few hours and burned wayyyyyyy bad, worse than I've ever burned before. Any good ideas to take the burn out?...

 Describe first aid for minor cuts?

 Any one have a home remedy for infections????
I cut my finger a few days ago and I cleaned it out, but now it is very sore and infected. Does anyone on here have a home remedy that will pull out the infection quickly?? I have been putting over ...

 What is the best way to stay warm?

 Can Ghosts Harm You? Please Help.?
PLease PLease Help Me. I know this sounds crazy and a never normally believe these things myself but now ive experienced it this is freaking me out BIG TIME. The past couple of nights, i think i have ...

 I was cutting my nails and accidentally cut my finger?
it happens every friggin time! Should I stop using the scissors?...

 Blister question?
I have a blister on each foot, and I play soccer so they keep getting re-opened with all the running. I have had them for about two weeks. They appear to have gotten deeper and there is a white ring ...

 My cat bit my daughter and now the back of her hand is red and swollen?
It happened yesterday morning and i phoned nhs 24 who told me she didn't need a tetanus but didn't offer any other advice.

Today the back of her hand seems more red and puffy. S...

How to get this splinter out of my hand?
I got a piece of it out but there still a little piece inside my hand and i get to it...what should i do?

First, freeze your hand with ice cubes, dry it off, and then dig baby dig with tweezers or a sterilized needle.

If its not bothering you, and it is too dificult to try to remove, I would recommend just leaving it. Your body will naturally push it out in time. I have done this with splinters before and had no problems.

♥ Joey ♥
use a safety pin. burn it first

first scratch one way dont go back and forth
then pull it out with tweezers

best way I found was to get a needle and "dig" at it. Pour Hydrogen Peroxide over it to make sure you don't get an infection to begin with. Also, make sure to sanitize your needle (run through fire or something like that.)

soak your hand in warm water. if it doesnt work its way out, use pointy tipped tweezers.

depends how deep it went in (i had one off a pallet, go thru my finger =/ and had to go hosiptal)

you need a pair of tweezers for a start, and because it went in at an angle, u might need to pull a bit of the skin away to get leverage on it..

and use an ice cube to numb the finger.

Make sure it doesnt get infected and wait for it to work its day out or take tweesers and just work at it. If that doesnt work to go the doc and they can get it out.

sterilize a needle and get it out.

A steralized needle!

use tweezers or a needle

Well it depends on how its in there I guess. The way I do it is I just take the finger nail clippers and take out the whole thing with the skin but not everyone is as tough as me, but I really hate splinters sooo, go figure!

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