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How to get a lip to stop bleeding?
I was drinking a water bottle and I ran into the door and now I have a huge gash on the inside of my lip and it won't stop bleeding...how do I get it to stop?

hold a tissue on it (the ice isn't really necessary)
keep licking it to prevent bacteria from getting in (your saliva kills most bacteria)
(also, if u dont smoke or anything like that then the area around your mouth or in your mouth is the the part that heals the fastest!)

Robin B
wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth, apply it to the cut, using slight pressure,. If the bleeding does not stop, go to the ER for stitches.

maybe you can put ice on it.

Andrea P
Sterrilize it and if it is very big see about stitches aso apply pressure and eat somthing loss of bloud will lower shugers and leave you light headed of make you faint if you dont eat so do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just curious
Apply firm pressure for awhile then put ice on it to stop the swelling. Peroxide is also a good thing to apply to the cut for healing.......it will scab up a bit.

ice cube and pressure on the wound

Hold an ice pack against the cut a while. Make sure the ice pack is wrapped in paper towel or washcloth first to absorb any bleeding that will happen still at first. Leave that against it a few minutes. Periodically check the progress to see if it is stopping. You could use a frozen popsicle instead of the ice pack as it works the same and the taste can help you not notice any blood you may be tasting then. IF it continues see a dr. or call a dentist. You may have cut the gums or cheek with a tooth. It depends on how deep the cut has been made.

domenic x
The best thing to stop bleeding is pressure on the wound. Now the inside of your lips presents some difficulty.because
the mouth is always humid which cause the wound to open again. Apply ice in a clean cloth between the lip and the teeth.
If you see that the wound is big ,you might need some stiches to be done. So if you think that it didn't help you better seek
medical help otherwise you lose a lot of blood and the wound won't heal. Also try not to speak or move the lips to help the healing. Try the methods but if they don't work seek advice.
Good ;uck.

Press an ice cube against it for a few minutes, it will stop bleeding and also reduce bruising and swelling.

Hold a tissue on it for a while and then dap it with a q-tip soaked in peroxide

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