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Mayor Disaster
How many days can a person go without bowel movements?

i dunno

The world record is approx 6 months. The person who set this record had to have his colon surgically removed.

a bout 2 weeks

Ummm.. depends on the amount of food you eat. The less food you eat, the longer you can go without poo-poo.

i dont know exactly how long you can go with out but normal bowel functions are about every 2-3 days...

You should do an experiment and find out for yourself.

I have heard about someone who went 14 days (2 weeks), but I'm not sure of an aproximate number

you should not go more than a week without a bowel movement
what happens is that it hardens and becomes like a stone in your colon
and then you have to have it surgicaly removed
not to mention the acne and skin probelm that result from not eliminating toxins
so try to take a crap everyday
and if you are having trouble then consider
that there is a reason that laxatives and enemas have been invented and used for centuries

Alot...but anything more that 3 days could be serious..GO TO THE DOCTOR if this happens.

One time I went to a Brazilian barbeque. I don't know if you know what that is, so let me explain. It's just different types of meat that come at you so fast you don't have time to eat veggies. I must have eaten about 3-4 pounds of meat, because I was with other dudes, and we were all kind of competing, and drinking lots of beer. But I was blocked up for over a week. there were a lot of spices too. So when I thought I could go and expell it from my body, I'd just fart, and it would sting from all the spices. You'd think I would have learned from that lesson, but I didn't. I've done that 3 other times now. But I'm expelling my waste more quickly now.

I don't know but I think I went without them for like a week cause I wasn't eating carbs. and it was crazy! Eat lots of fiber, like oatmeal and you will go everyday.

Provided you are on a healthy diet, you should be going at least once a day. It is normal to go 2-4 days without one. Stress, poor diet, dehydration, antibiotics and other medications can cause you not to go. If you have not had a bowel movement in 4 to 5 days and you have bloating, pain, fever, or general fatigue(any or all of these symptoms), yu need to seek medical advice. These are symptoms of irritable bowel, a blockage, even cancer. Go see your doc. He should be able to give the whole poop(bad pun, I know) on the problem.

arya a
it depends on your bowl habbit and the fibers you consump but in an ordinery person it can rang from once a week to 2-3 times a day... but once a day is perfect try to use vegtables and fruit and grains... and avoid to take laxative they have harmful results the most important is you get used to them and can not have bowel habbit without them and it is terrible

i have IBS that's y im taking laxative daily. i know i shldnt but cant help it..

i can go 4 weeks or months maybe w/o bowel but it'll end up poisoning me..

Eye of Sauron
I would guess forever. The first 30 days are probably hard to deal with but after death it should get easier.

About 21. It gets painful after 7 to 8 though.

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