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How long does the swelling from a bug or spider bite last?

♥ Bethany ♥
a few days to weeks.

orphan annie
I got a spider bite a few years ago and it lasted for a week before I decided to take myself to the doctor. What it had done was injected so much poison and it had started destroying the tissue under my skin. It was so gross. I was on antibiotics for a really long time.

It shouldn't swell. If it is red and swollen it's infected! Go to the ER immediately! You could develop a blood infection that will go straight to your heart. check out ------
type in spider bites.
Only you know the symptoms you are feeling. Itching and slight irritation is normal.
However, if you have any doubts or are feeling physically ill, go to the hospital.

Depends on how toxic the bug or spider is. Anywhere from a few minutes to days.

The Game
Depends on the type of bug or spider. May range from few hours to days. Infection may be caused as it happened with my cousin. it lasted for about a week. take treatment immediately

a few days. If you put ointment on it and leave it alone you will be okay.

Some spider bites can cause swelling for 6 months or more ..depends on what kind and where they bit you?? If the wound becomes red you should probably see a doctor.

Depends: was it a bug or was it a spider? What kind?

If you live in North America, you need to make sure that it was not a Brown Recluse or Black Widow spider. If you have any doubt about either one of those, go to an Urgent Care clinic now. Even if you do not feel sick. A brown recluse bite will take a very, very long time to heal. Their venom causes necrotizing faschiatitis, which is a medical way of saying that it's eating your flesh. I have seen people have large chunks of their body removed because of this.

If it's not a venemous bite it could take anywhere from a couple minutes to a few days to heal depending on the location and type of bite.

If the swelling becomes a hard nodule, if the redness from the bite begins streaking, or if you experience any sort of fever or swelling of lymphnodes, seek medical attention immediately.

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