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Liz T
How long does it take for mosquito bites to heal??
i about 30 on each arm and 50 on each leg? maybe more?
i got them some time on saturday and they appeared sunday morning? when will they completly heal and dissapear!

It depends on your body's ability to cope with the stressors which will include diet, your stress level, your environment and general health.

Yes they will, don't worry but because there's so many it might take more time. They should be gone by this time next week as long as you don't irritate them.

5 days or so. Try Aveeno anti-itch cream, it's wonderful. I'm using it on my own mosquito bites right now. Try not to scratch. Best of luck.

Wow, you must be miserable. If you do not scratch them, they should heal ok. If you scratch them and they get scabs, they can scar. Are you applying anything to them or taking anything orally to keep from scratching? Benadryl orally or spray could help or a topical over the counter cream.

sounds like something other than mosquitos...when bit by mosquitos you don't not notice 120 bites until the next day...they sting when you get bit so you would have definitley noticed every bite...maybe chiggers? Were you in the woods? If it's chiggers they don't go away you have to sufficate the little buggers...nail polish.

Trust me, I have PLENTY of experience in this field, I have a bunch right now. As long as you don't scratch them so much that they scab over, they should be gone in 3-5 days. But if you scratch them until they scab, it could take longer, and it could leave marks from the scabs.

minimum of 5 days.

ummm....... I would say in about a week or so...

P: i got bug bite the same way on my ankles and on my arms! seriously it hurt so bad. my grandma put fingernail polish (clear) on them and they healed about a week. but i would reocmend it. just dont itch or try not to and they will heal really fast . i recomend Witch Hazel to stop the itching.

s: ___

Make sure the bites have access to plenty of air. Wear loose clothing out. My bites marks were horrible. I used Aveeno after every shower. Its a miracle cream I swear. So with a lttle oxygen and Aveeno cream I would say 2 months for them to disappear completely..

well i had mosqito bites and mine healed for like 4 to 5 days but peoples skins are different so it may be longer or shorter for u. hope they heal faster

Should be gone within two weks.

Don't scratch or rub them they will take a week to ten days to disappear. Tea Tree Oil or TCP put on them will ease the itching and pain.

week to two if you don't scratch them
they can scar if you scratch them until they bleed(which means forever)

Prof. Dave
about a week if it is causing you to itch, take a little rubbing alcohol and dab a little in it. That will cause the bite to stop itching.

Depends on your skin, if you don't scratch and even put on a little scream it should wear off about after 3 days..but they might leave a mark though.

don't know

lin lin

week? maybe

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