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 How can you cure swelling problems from a bee sting?
how can you cure swelling problems from a bee sting?
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and keep from getting ...

 Is it common for stiches to burn when weein?
Sorry (tmi) I had a baby on sunday and had 3 stiches inside and 3 stiches outside. When i wee it burns just wondered if this is suppose to happen? and how can i help to heal them?...

 What is the best way ease sunburn?
yesterday i went to the beach and now i basically have 2nd degree sunburn on the back of my legs but im trying to prevent the blistering from happening. i took asprin (81mg) i also put aloe on ...

 I need to look up a pill my child found?

 Medical advice for swallowed toothpick?
I ordered Jason's Deli and got a wrap sandwich. I took a couple of bites and did notice a crunch but thought it was the large onion so I swallowed and then looked inside my sandwich and the ...

 Oil burn help?
you are cooking in your house and you get burned by cooking oil. what are some every house things you can use and do to help the burn?...

 How can one calculate Blood pressure from pulse rate of heart by sensing veins by finger tips?
In immergency one may not have BP checking appratus then this pulse counting may help....

 Which is more important: whether you win or lose, or how you play the game?

 I self harm (cut myself)...how can i heal cuts fast?
I am going to Florida for Sprng Break and i have some healing cuts on my arm....I can't walk around in a hoode like i usually do because its too hot! Is there anything that can help my cuts heal ...

So, I was walking with this girl and I was ripping up some grass and stuff and I pick up a bee, and I get stung on my palm. It was barely noticible for a day or too, now its really itchy. What helps ...

 Patient in hospital beds are rotated every 2 hours to prevent bedsores. why is this procedure effective?

 Does hot water make sunburn better or not?
My sis got sunburn and she wanted to know please help... =]...

 What is a good facial hair removal cream ???


 Help i just got my leg cut off!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I accidently cut my leg off as i was cutting wood and it wont stop bleading!!!! what should i do?!?!?!?!...

 Why do i feel fat?
whenever i eat i feel fat and even when i look in the mirror i look fat. i must be pretty dumb for thinking ...

 What is the best way to treat a nose bleed?

 Whats the best way???
whats the best way to get rid of a soar throat????
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i mean sore......

 Ive got a circle on the end of my finger???
i have got a circle,almost like a blister at the end of my finger.its slightly raised then its got a slight dent too.any ideas???...

 Im 20 5/6, i want to grow at least 2 iches taller, how? without surgery?

How do you remove a splinter without using a needle or tweezers?

first try to squeeze it out then if u cant peel ur skin out withh ur nails to get the splinter out the skin thats already opened up

my grandma used to say to put tape over it and let your skin push it out ... and the tape should draw it out...but who knows if that even works..

u could also use a nife and cutt a lil hole to grab it

Jay Jay
You can not do anything. Your body will push it out over time, as long as you don't mind the pain. I would still clean it with rubbing alcohol.

lol squeeze it out and use your teeth

use a piece of tape

Sometimes you can squeeze them out with your fingers. Kinda like a pimple.

get elmers glue. put it on the splinter. let it dry. pull it off and the glue will pull out the splinter. that's what i do for cactus spines

You can try soaking the area with water till you get pruney and hope it comes out. Otherwise it's needle/tweezer time!

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