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Additional Details
Thanks for all your answers.
Dr Frank - I am only 25 and healthy so I think I will go to docs to get blood pressure taken. The nose bleeds only seem to happen ...

How do you know if your lip/cheek piercing is infected?
I got my lip/cheek pierced about 8 days ago. Now, the piercing is red/purple as if it was bruised. It has been about 2 days. No liquid or abnormal pus is coming out of the piercing.

its ok; your just not used to it yet

probably get blue and puffy os have pusss i ono i think lip piercing disgusting in thefisrst place just eww.

If you think there is a problem then you should go back to where you got your lip pierced. I think that what you are experiencing is normal but if it continues on for two weeks after you got your piercing than get it check out.

its just a bruise but its not normal you dont have pus, so i get it checked out

pain and discoloration. Puz and a low grade fever may be another indication. It's no harm in getting it checked out by a medical professional. Infections can work really fast on some people and make you very sick. Seek medical advice.

Doesn't sound like it's infected, just bruised. To be safe, though, go back to the place you got it done and ask them to have a look at it.

taffy crutchfart
You're having an allergic reaction to the metal ring or bar in the wound. Get rid of it, or you could go into anaphalactic shock and end up in huge trouble.

yellow gooey pus is a #1 hint for infection. that's what I got in my eyebrow after not keeping it washed as much as I should. bruising is normal though. as long as you wash a lot with antibactirial soap and make sure the soap gets in the hole,and rinse with salt water your lip/cheek should heal well. Experienced pussing with my eyebrow, swelling with my lower lip and tongue. All except for eyebrow healed well-ended up removing ring from eyebrow. Also gaged up too soon with my earlobes and had CONSTANT pain for 3 days straight w/o diminishing. That was a sign that things weren't going good. Removed rings and returned to standard sized earrings.

Big Kahuna
If there is no swelling, discharge, tenderness or foul odor it sounds like it is OK, just make certain to keep it clean and follow the after care instructions from your piercer. If you are still nervous about it go back to your piercer or to a health care professional.

the color tate
u know if it hurts real bad and if it is burning and hurting and is purple/black.

If it's infected it will be red and warm. Touch it and see if it's warmer than the rest of your cheek.

Steve F
You should only be experiencing swelling and possibly some blood. The lip piercing takes a long time to heal, due to agitation. Make sure you are cleaning it properly, incluing sea salt soaking. Make sure that you wash the soap completely out when you clean it, and DONT play with it. If you are concerned, you can always go to your piercer and he/she will tell you what to do. Most likely, it is just irritated.

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