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 How do I stop shaking?
I just drank a Starbucks coffee with 4 shots of espresso in it and now I can't stop twitching. HELP!...

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 Whats the best thing to happen to u today?

 My kids wont eat their dinner EVER how do you make kids eat???
Any ideas would be most welcome - have tried offering a wide variety of food verdict: = BLUGGHHH
Have tried starving them = and they seem to enjoy starving!!
Have tried healthy food and ...

 What's a good way to motivate yourself, when you don't want to do something?
I have Arthritis, and I tend to be very unmotivated. I need to eat hearlier, exercise, do good in school, but I seem to be lazy or something. I just don't feel like doing anything. Any tips?

 How do you get rid of a cold fast? like 24 hours or less?

 What is good to use to help reallly bad sunburn?
i've been using aloe but it doesn't last long. so i would like something that has a long lasting effect....

 What happens if you swallow mouthwash??
I swallowed a teaspoon or so of scope mouthwash will anything happen to me? cause on the bottle it says if swallowed to call the poison control....

 How should i treat a burn?
i burnt myself boiling water a few days ago, i ran it under water, but it still blistered, now the blister has gone, and left open red wound, which stings like hell! ! should i put a dressing or ...

 Once you've started peeling from a sunburn, how to you get it to stop!?
I got sunburned on my arms a couple of weeks ago and about a day after that I started to peel. Now it won't stop! How can I get the peeling to stop for good?...

 Is it true that if you sneeze with your eyes open they will pop out?
Myth? Or real?...

 Nose is bleeding!!?
my nose has been bleeding for almost twenty minutes an only letting up a little. it is bleeding really bad, almost to the point of running out constantly in excess amounts. how do i stop it?? how ...

 With a blister on your foot due to walking will it heal better if you leave it be or if you burst it ?

 What dosage of microbid antibiotic would you give a 4 yr. old with a UTI?

 How do i quit smoking for good,no meds please(over a20 year habbit)?

 The side of my face swells when I've been drinking alcohol. Why is this?

 How do I treat a yellow jacket sting?

 This is no joke. What causes an extreme amount of gas? It needs to be released all day long and during night
I don't believe it's my diet. It can be quite embarrassing and frustrating. The odor is very strong. I'm wondering if it's some stomach disorder and I need to be seen by a ...

 Easy ways to cure poison ivy… not a fan of the doctor.?
I got it 3-4 days ago. It seems to be spreading too. I may have to “bite the bullet” and see the doctor but I really don’t want to. Help!


 Is it true that if you urinate on a jelly fish it can not sting you?
im going on holiday soon and i fear ...

How do you get a blister to stop burning? PLEASE hurry!!?
I burned my finger with the glue from a hot glue gun, and i have a small blister but it burns ALOT!
Additional Details
thanks alot!

Drive a nail into your foot, bust your thumb wide open with a hammer or smash your tongue in a door. You'll forget all about your finger. Also, duck and cover.

run it under cold water for 10 mins then put some ice on it if it still hasnt stoped burning

The Hit Man
Flame it with a lighter.
The heat will take the burn away.


wash the salt out (from your sweat) cover with Neosporin then a bandaid to keep it clean.

glass with water and ice in it put your finger in it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

put ice on it

Pvt. Andrew Malone

do wut every1 sais, ice it or put it in cold water

Ice it.

apply pressure.

Cathy H
For most common burns I find running it under hot water for a few minutes( the hottest you can withstand it), takes the burn away.


use an icepack and/or some antisceptic and/or go to the doctor

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