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liz p
How do u get the head of a tick out of a persons body?
how do u get the head of a tick out of a persons body?

Get a hot needle and introduce it to the ticks body slowly. You don't want to kill it outright, but you want ot make it pull out on it's own.

The head itself? Or is the body still attached? If the body is still attached, try clear fingernail polish or heat (like a match) will make it back out. Another way is to grasp it close to the skin with a pair of tweezers and pull. With the scare of disease, you should check with your doctor.
If it is just the head, I would go to the doctor to make sure it is completely removed.

valerie c
I heard that you should burn the tip of the head and it will let go

No answer, but cover the tick's body with vaseline/grease/butter or margarine next time, and it will back out. If you cut, sterilise before and after with methylated spirits (alcohol).

sounds like you pulled the tick out instead of hitting it with something hot so it would release its grip... ouch... get as much out as you can and keep the wound clean... use peroxide or what ever you have handy... it will eventually come out like a splinter does over time... TICK BOY LOL!

Burn a match. Then blow it out. And carefully touch the tick. The heat makes the tick thinks it is on fire so it lets go and tries to run.

Robin C
Next time use a good deet repellent to keep the ticks off of you.

If you still get a tick, then when it is a full tick, use tweezers to pull it out grasping the head and turning counter-clock wise to remove the whole thing. NEVER use a heat to get the tick to ‘back out’ most of the time the tick will just dig deeper into your skin.

With just the head, the best way is to use good tweezers that you’ve sterilized. Pour some alcohol on the tick head, and you’re going to have to kind of dig it out. Watch the spot for infection and signs of lyme.

rhonda h
you can put nail polish on it, olive oil, or alcohol that should make it come out.

cut it out

Mort R
Douse it with rubbing alcohol and then remove it with tweezers (head only).

Simple tweezers is the answer to your question.

I have had a number of ticks burrow their way into my skin throughout my travels in the Rocky Mountains, and I have found that by soaking the affected area in Epsom salts first and then using a sharp pair of tweezers to pluck out the head has proved effective. Good Luck!


Is the body gone? If so, crap, just pull it with a tweezers i guess, but the best way to remove a full tick is to get it wasted... Not Kidding. Get the strongest booze you got, usually whiskey, and dab it on a paper towel, place that over the tick, and it WILL pull out like a nervous prom date. Then, place it whereever you like, and execute it for attempting to steal your lifeforce (blood, no metaphysical garbage here)

As joking as it sounds, the alcohol method is the best trick for tick removal.. .

Aunt Martha
This happened to me when I was younger; I called the emergency room at Stanford Hosp. and they told me many things, none of which was successful. I eventually had to go in and get it removed by a doctor.
I used the heat method-match.
I used the oil and butter method.
I soaked in a hot tub for a while.
I used the alcohol method.
That was one stubborn tick-eventually I got the body off, but the head stayed buried, it was above my hip bone.
Either the tick had died or it was buried too deep. The doc said it was unusual that it didn't come out on it's own, as he was using the scalpel to dig it out, turns out it was buried too deep and obviously was dead so it couldn't have moved if it wanted to!!!
If all the methods folks have suggested don't work-don't try and dig it out yourself-go to the urgent care or emer. room and have them take it out.

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