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 Very hard wax build up in ear?
what will help. Doc already tried to flush ear put 2. did not help....

 Why don't you put ice on a burn?
I've always wondered why you don't put ice on a burn, anybody know why?...

 What do I do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I got drunk at a party last night and passed out. my friends took a staple gun and stapled my scrotum to my thigh...what do I do?
Additional Details

 Drank all day in the sun..quit round 7pm..Ive tried eating and drinking water havent puked yet but feel like?
it..how do I get rid of the nausea?? P.S...dont want to resort to making myself puke........

 Do i need to get stitches??
i was washing dishes and i cut my thumb with my big knife..that was about 1/2 an hour ago, and it has stopped bleeding now. i bled quite a bit, and the cut is fairly deep. i could go to the clinic, ...

 Life or death question?
what happens if u swallow a piece of plastic but can still breath and u can feel it a little in ur througt and u can still talk will it ever go down ur througt or should u puke it up
Additional ...

 S there any cure for sleep walking?

 What is the best way to get a splinter out?

 Ahhhh!!!! i got a bright red sunburn!!! home remedies anyone??
my sunburn hasnt advanced to the blistering/peeling stage yet--right now it stings. I heard that potatos work? wuld vinegar b ok at this stage ?(might be a bit too severe?) Got any home remedies?...

 What causes a charlie horse in the calf upon waking up in the morning? How to rid?

 I have a bump on the inside of my ear! It hurts!!!!!!! How can i fix this?!!!!!!!?

 Any ideas on what to do for a fat lip?
i opened my car door in to my face (yea i am not smart at all) but now i have a fat lip and it hurts all, does anyone have any ideas for me?...

 When you get a boo boo?
Or a scratch, dont you find it kind of fun to take care of it, and wash it and put neosporin and dress it up....

 Whats the best way to get a bandaide off?
Without it hurting so much. Please don't tell me quickly.
Additional Details
I had to make up a question. I have a high, high tolerance of pain. LOL. Thank you for your ...

 Please help me?
i cut my finger and it wont stop bleeding. its been bleeding for 10 minutes now. i have it wrapped in a paper towel cuz i dont have band-aids. i put pressure on it but its still bleeding. what should ...

 I want to take my nose ring out...? help?
ok so today i pierced my nose by myself now im getting scared that it might get infected or something so i want to
take it out. when i take it out what should i put on the hole?
since i ...

 How can i become an emt?
i am a 2nd yr student at loyola? i am intrested inm the
EMT program,i want to know how long will it take to become a paramedic, is there a diffrence between emt and a perimedic? will it look ...

 Sunburn! HeLp PlEaSe lOoK HeRe!?
Additional Details

 How can you wake a person that is drunk...are there any posibilities..?Pls help me?

 How do I speed up my skin's healing from mosquito bites?
I went to a BBQ last weekend and got attacked by mosquitos.

I have never been biten like this in my life before! I've never had this type of reaction. The bites are red and raised, ...

How do i rid my hands of fungus?
I am a correctional officer and everytime I go on the floor for a security check of inmates , I go back to the control room and wash y hands. We use State soap to wash our hands. I think that someone else hand fungus on their hands and now I have this fungus in my hands. I have used lamisil but it does not seem to be working. Does anyone have any suggestions for my hands? I miss my beautiful soft hands...please help

i never cared abnout my hands, or had fungus on them. but whenever i get cut up real bad, i soak my hands in bleach

go to bath and body or look at a avon catalog

Jeannine G
First of all why do you say that it is a Fungus. The best way of prevention is Hand washing. Bleach and Vinegar are good killers of most everything. I would recommend the next time you do your check you wash your hands well all the way up to the elbow lotion well and when the fungus is gone use body glove lotion as well. After that dries put on your gloves and do your checks. At the end take the gloves off turning them inside out without touching the outside and once again wash with friction (friction is actually better than hot water) all the way up to elbows. Then use an alcohol get agent just to double check then lotion. Good Luck
Also make sure you talk to your doctor whenever given advice on medical questions. I am not a doctor.√ú

i heard of using Vics vapor rub as a home treatment

Chaos mediation
dang that is a problem... please use latex or nitrile gloves when you handle those beasts... Dont they provide them for you?

Use Tea Tree Oil, it is a natural anti-fungal.

everything's eventual
WOW...I have a hand fungus too!! I went to the doctor and he said I had "Tricophyton Rubrem"...Well it was one tiny spot on one lower knuckle. I treated it with this cream he prescribed...A topical steroid/anti-bacterial. That bit went away and then BOTH of my hands broke out with it all over so now I use the cream like lotion...It FINALLY seems to be getting better, but I'm almost out so I'm hoping it doesn't reoccur. Also my hands look like I'm a 90 year old lizard after using this cream. I was told this fungus is something that people who work in soil most commonly get...which is ironic since I worked herb farms and greenhouses for 12 years and never contracted anything like this....I wish us both luck with this...but over the counter medications won't work.

Well, I don't know about HAND fungus, per se, but I know a bit about athelete's foot... same difference.

Go get some Monistat. Yes, the yeast infection treatment. that will knock out any fungal infection quicker than anything else around. You might have to wear gloves so that it will stay on your skin long enough to work, though.

Island Queen
Go see a Dermatologist...you know a real doctor...instead of asking strangers on a website. lol

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