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 I spilled some hot food on myself and the burn is bothering me?
is there anything i can put on ...

 Is there anything i can put on a burn to make it stop hurting?

 Whats Lou garrets diease?
My aunt died the other week from this diease, but i cant figure out what it is...can anybody help?...

 How can you stand to work the night shift?

 Ca you catch a cold when you're sleeping without covering your stomach (bellybutton)?
just remember an old ...

 How can I getrid of the hiccups?

 What does this mean dxjgftudbhyrgfdfkures?

 What is the best way to help scrapes and abrasions heal quickly?

 What is the right amount of Water to drink?
because in a previous Question,Someone said you could die...But i dont think you could die from too much water... i drink around 4 pints of water a day......

 Splinter in the bottom of my foot please help!!?
I had a tiny splinter in the sole of my foot and after several failed attempts with the tweasers I resorted to using a sterilised pin to try to open the skin up to get the splinter out. Unfortunately ...

This started about a week ago: I was just like scratching my head and under my nail there was this kind of like fluffy red stuff the same color as blood and... I have no idea what it is! I think I ...

 Can stress make certain health problems worse?

 Does anyone know a fast, easy way to get rid of hiccups, besides holding your breath?

 How can I prevent a blood blister that I get on my thumb everytime I go bowling?
Every single time I go bowling, I start getting a blood blister on my thumb after the first game. By the end of the 3rd game, it's really bad. I'm not sure how I can stop this from ...

 I just cut myself to the vain how do is top bleeding?
can some one help me i relized i dont want to ...

 Other than shampoo and conditioner what else can make our hair grow?

 Does anyone get frequent nose-bleeds?
If so, do you know anything that will cure it?

I get them almost every day sometimes. There not bad and I can stop the bleeding in a few minuets but I don't want to get them at all. ...

 How can you tell if you have down syndrome???
Im just wondering how you can tell if someone has down syndrome?...

 How long should i fast before taking laboratory tests?
i forgot to ask my doctor how long should i fast before taking glucose, cholesterol and urinary tests.......

 How long does a sunburn last?
I went to a baseball game today, sat in the hot sun for 5 hours, totally forgot sunscreen! as you can imagine, i got racoon eyes from my sun glasses, not even exaggerating i look so funny lol. how ...

How do blind people know when they're done wiping their butt?

Additional Details

just like us they by felling know when theres not any more ok good

Rude !

simple ars :;: the bum just like yours isnot visable ...
I never need to look nether do most girls and it just shows ... if you have to look couse ya cant tell ya must be as dumm as a brick !

seriosly the question : how can a person who cant feel there bum know it is the one to ask yourself
just try with a shot of nova cain to your hands and your *** ! ya could never wipe !

well how do ignorant people learn how to type ridiculous questions? go figure!

JMC Mining Corp.
Just close your eyes and find out for yourself..

Till it feels clean.
But seriously, go ask one for me...

good question....maybe their dogs can help in some way. Or maybe they have thos comode things

I guess they just keep smelling the tissue until it doesn't stink anymore!

The smell is a dead giveaway.

They would get someone like you to lick it clean for them.

White Boy
maybe they have nurses who help them

they keep sniffing the toilet paper until they can't smell crap anymore, then they know they're done

or they show someone and ask.

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