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How can you quickly hydrate your body without a IV?

Additional Details
how do you know if you are seriously dehydrated>

bart man™
drink water with electrolyte inside

TiMoThY sImPsOn
drink Gatorade, its the best to re-Hydrate your body

Gatorade & Powerade would be my best suggestions. Water also but not too much water though as it will deplete your sodium and cause more problems.

Water and sports drinks. It's really better if you don't get dehydrated in the first place, though.

By the time you actually feel thirsty, you are probably starting to get dehydrated already. Headaches can be a sign of it. If it's bad, disorientation and nausea can set in.

If you're getting dehydrated because you're sick and can't keep anything on your stomach, try 2 spoons of Coke Classic and crushed ice every 5 minutes while you're awake. Don't take more than that, though: You'll risk your stomach rebelling if you do.

I hope this helps!

Chef Raj
STEP 1: Prevent dehydration by drinking lots of water - more water than you think you need, and enough to make your urine clear.
STEP 2: Check for the early signs of dehydration: thirst, dark urine, cotton mouth, irritability, fatigue.
STEP 3: Notice any of these signs of moderate dehydration: a very dry mouth; little urine, which is dark or bright yellow; rapid and weak pulse; dizziness; loss of balance.
STEP 4: Look for any of these signs of severe dehydration: rapid pulse, pale and sweaty skin, nausea, changes in level of consciousness, "tenting" of the skin when it's pinched, swollen tongue, slurred speech, impaired vision.
STEP 5: Treat immediately if you suspect mild or moderate dehydration by drinking water until the urine turns clear and symptoms disappear.
STEP 6: Get to a hospital immediately if you suspect severe dehydration.

the best way is lots of water. I know it sounds funny, but try to eat a banana with it, since a loss of hydration in the body also leads t o a loss of Potassium!

You can get electrolyte replacement drinks at the store...... or good old Propel, Powerade, etc. If you or your child is suffering from serious dehydration - there is no substitute for medical treatment.

Drink a water supplement with electrolytes added. There are a couple of brands on the market but if you are seriously dehydrated head to Urgent care before something serious happens.

Another important detail to prevent dehydration is to eat as well as drink prior to working out. Your stomach can typically process about 1.2 liters of material per hour. Sweating can cause you to lose up to 3 liters of water per hour. By eating about 1 hour prior to work or exercise in a high heat stress environment, you can help prevent dehydration. Also, rather than drinking one really big drink when you get dehydrated, try drinking a small amount during the entire exercise/work period.

As to how you can quickly rehydrate without and IV, you can drink water or a 50/50 mix of a balanced elctrolyte solution and water. This method still will not allow you to rehydrate faster than your stomach can pass water thru to your intestines, or about 1.2 liters per hour. Prevention is the best medicine.

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