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How can you pop your ear and get air out of it?

yawn,chew gum, plug your nose and blow. (ouch)

john b
By yawning, it works for me.

Ride up a steep hill.

hold ur nose and blow. ur ears would pop.

you roll up a newspaper and put one end in your ear and light the other with a lighter the heat will do the trick but dont let it get to close

yawn a lot

yawn and massage the back of you ear.. its your stationary tubes... chew gum

yawn a lot and chew gum

m t
hold your nose and gently blow

- chewing gum or chewing motions and then swallowing air
- hold your nose to block your nostrils and then gently blow until you feel the air coming out of your ears


I think yawning works the best...its also relaxing

If you take hold your nose with your hand and blow just a little they should pop after you swallow your saliva. DO NOT OVER DO THE BLOWING! It might brust your ear drums.

Aaron H
This one's simple...and fun! Just Yawn!

Good Question, Friend!

k dog
chew gum

Open up your eustachian tube. If you are aware enough of your body you can do it without yawning, but yawning and opening your jaw can do it because the muscles are in the same area. Drinking also helps.

take a deep breath,hold it and blow as hard as you can.

I also use the holding my nose and blowing gently method. It works for me.

Good luck!

mahdi j
idont no

xomidnight x
Hold your nose and blow :]

Couple ideas that work.

Drink something keep it in your mouth cover your ears and swallow.

Chew chewing gum for a period of time.

Increase or Decrease your altitude.

Use OTC (over the counter) ear Drops.

Try an over-the-counter Decongestant medicine for a few days. If the pain is intense or doesn't resolve, see your doctor.

Take a hot shower!

Yawning may "pop" the pressure differences in the ear. Call your doctor and get instruction on how to treat the wax problem or how to treat the fluid with over-the-counter medicines.

See your doctor. You can prevent swimmer's ear by placing three to five drops of a half-alcohol, half-white-vinegar solution in the ear after swimming or taking showers....if its that.

For more information, please consult your doctor. If you think the problem is serious, call right away.

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