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How can i tell if i broke my toe?
i jammed it on my bed post last night. its swollen and looks bruised but i can move it around, just hurts.

V For Vendetta
If you can move it around its not broken, probably sprained. It will heal on its own, nothing the doctor will be able to do for it unfortunately.

The same thing happened to me in September and I went to the doctor. I am telling you exactly what he told me.

Alana D
It's not broken..just jammed...If it were broken, you would not be able to move the toe at all and you would be in alot more pain than you are right now. If you can move it, it's bruised..possibly sprained..and yes you can sprain a toe.. For the swelling, put ice wrapped in cloth for about 20 mins, then follow up with a hot compress .. Do this for a couple of days..you will notice that it doesn't hurt as much and the swelling should go down...also elevate it also while doing this too..it will help..

If it is black and blue and swollen, YEP!!! Not much you can do, just be a little more careful.

Press down gently straight down on the top of your toe. If that hurts a LOT it could be a fracture or break.
If not, perhaps it is a sprain. Either way if it doesn't improve you might want to get it check out. If it is broken you'll need to keep it stable.


♥~Jeff Hardy's babe~♥
don't listen to the guy above tht says if u can move it it's not broke b/c my cousin fell out of a tree and broke his leg and ankle and he could still move it he said it hurt like hell but he could still move but it could be broke but since it's swollen i dunno if u can wait another day or two and if it don't feel better i'd go to the doctor and have and x ray of it done....

rhonda h
You can move a broken bone. Actually a fracture or sprain 9/10 hurts worst than a broken bone. Try to keep it stablized in the mean time.

If you can move your toe, you probably didn't break it. It will hurt for a few days...no doubt about that. Use ice, elevation and Tylenol to decrease pain and swelling.

Even if you did break it, there isn't a whole lot a doctor could do (unless it was your big toe). You can "buddy tape" your injured toe to it's next door neighbor. This will help keep it immobilized. Wear a pair of loose fitting shoes or just wear a sock on that foot. Whenever you're sitting down, prop that foot up on a stool or something and put an ice pack on it...but keep the ice on for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Do not take Aspirin. Take Tylenol.

It might take a week or so but it will feel better. I feel for you...been there, done that. Ouch!!

its possible to be able to still move it if its broke but it will hurt. Only an X-ray will determine a fracture or not. Go get it looked at.

The whole move it around thing really isn't a good indicator. The only way you'll really know is to go see a doctor and get an x-ray.

It may be broken or bruised. A doctor will be able to tell you but chances are he won't be able to do much for a toe, as in splinting it. He can make sure that it's aligned properly though!

If you tape it, don't tape it too tightly; toes and fingers can be taped to the one next to it for support but always make sure you don't cut off circulation in such a thin digit.

A good home remedy for bad bruises and small broken bones, as long as the skin isn't broken, is Comfrey; take some of the root, grate it, put a little cold water on top and let it sit for a few hours, it should get a bit slimy. Then put the slimy stuff on the broken bone for example with a thin cloth or just tissue paper. The Comfrey will help it heal and also if the cloth or paper is thin enough it'll harden as it dries so it'll give a little support as if it's a very thin cast. They used this for all breaks in Medieval times, today I'd definitely recommend a doctor for larger breaks but it's still good for these nasty small breaks the doctor can't splint much better even now.

It still takes a while to heal though, the first pain goes down pretty quick but it'll be several weeks before it's completely better. No matter what you put on it, bones take a while to grow back together.

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