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Hot water or cold water on sunburn??
I have heard it is better to put hot water rather than cold water to help in the relief of sunburn. What do you think?

Terri J
Sunburn in January?? Lucky you!

use aloe nnot water

Whether you put hot water or cold water will ultimately not make a difference. Your skin will blister. It is best to smother with natural aloe and Moisturizing lotions. Aloe Vera is a decent product to use.
Do not peel your blistering skin, as it will leave it dry and cracked, and could scar in some cases.
Sunburns will dry out your skin so keep it moisturized and don't pick at it.Your body will heal it better without picking.

I don't think that either will help. There really is no good way to treat sunburn. Aloe Vera and other topical gels will actually hold the heat from the skin in that area and not release, therfore making a longer recovery time. Try to avoid them. Best way to help sunburn is to prevent with SPF 30.

warm water takes the sting away

Domino's Mom
Cold water

cold water and use Aloe Vera lotion.

Listen to Tammy K. She's got it right! Dave is flat out wrong.

Cold on any kind of burn. The idea is to stop the burning process. Putting hot water (or hot anything!) will only make it worse.

Tammy K
First aid for a 1st degree burn includes cooling the skin by immersing it in cool water or applying clean, cool compresses. Pain can be treated with Aspirin. An aloe Vera ointment may also be applied to cool the skin and help prevent blistering.

A second degree burn will usually involve the underlying dermis skin layer. This results not only in a reddening of the skin, but the body will also release fluids which cause blisters. Common causes of this type of burn are deep sunburns, prolonged contact with hot objects, scalding with hot liquids and steam, and flash burns from flammable liquids.

Medical attention should be sought for care of blisters from any second degree burn. Cold water or compresses (do not use ice) will again help relieve pain. If the burn area is small enough you can immerse it in water or hold it under a running tap (not so forceful that it causes pain or breaks blisters).

G'day, I have always done the Hot water thing with sunburn,it works everytime,As long as its not real bad. You get the shower as hot as you can handle & get in,it stings for a while but you get use to it. Then the next day its nowhere near as bad,it seems to take the sting out.Where as if you use cold water its short term,it just feels good while your in the shower & still stings like hell when you get out.And the next day and the next. Hope this helps.

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