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 HELP! Clumsy me... I burned my face How can I prevent a scar?
I burned my face while curling my hair (don't ask...new hair cut not used to the length yet.) There is a scab there now and the skin is getting darker and darker. What can I put on it to ...

 How do you resolve insomnia ??? I have so much stress I cant sleep !!! help plz?

 My 8 year old has a cold sore (I guess) and it won't stop bleeding. What do I do?
My daughter has had a little raised blister on the side of her lip for about a week and a half. I wondered if it was a cold sore, but no one in my family has ever had one, so I wasn't sure. T...

 How do you treat a mosquito bite?
what is the easiest way to treat a mosquito bite quickly?

 What is the best thing to do if you are being attacked by an alligator?
i really wanna know because i like preparing for those kinda ...

 How do you heal a cut or sore in your mouth?
I have a little sore inside my mouth, like, at the bottom of my gums in the front. It really hurts when I eat or yawn or open my mouth too wide. Any ideas on how to heal it? I can't get those ...

 I ate some borax????
I ate some borax when i was like 4 because i though it was sugar or salt or something.But i thought i was going to die because isn't it poisonous? What would have happened if i hadn't have ...

 How do I cure my Vertigo?

 I am an ex-cigarette smoker. Will smoking hooka tobacco get me hooked again?
My friend wants me to go to a hooka bar with her. I've heard that hooka tobacco only has abut 0.01% nicotine in it. Is that true, and would that trigger my addiction to cigarettes?...

 Is it infected????
i got my ears pierced about 2 days ago. i was wondering if my ears were infected because when i rotate my earing when i am cleaning it, it kind of hurts a little. my ears arent swollen ,red, or goo ...

 How do you get rid of bad breath.?

 If a wound is caused by an object imbedded in the body to you remove it as a part of first aid?

 Does anyone have suggestions on how to remove stingers from bee or wasp stings?
My dad was just stung by a bee and I need to know how to remove the stinger. Please help!...

My boyfriend had a tick. I lite a match, blew it out, and touched the tick with it. It started to come out...I pulled with tweezers....The head is still stuck in. Who/what do about this....how can ...

 What anti-depressant really works for preteens?

Additional Details
this question is meant to be answered by a parent of a depressed teen who takes meds....

 My cut has been slightly bleeding for two days?
I hit my hair on the side of my mirror and it was pretty deep. I cleaned it with one of those alcohol pads that come in first aid kits and i put a bandaid on it. Im keeping it clean and everything ...

 Are you mentally sane?

 Still have it........?
I had a cactus needle in my finger for a while now, maybe a few weeks or so, it's so small, I thought it would get infected and come out by itself......what else can I do now?...

 I want to go to the moon,should i ask permission frm my parents?

 My 6 year old has small ear canals and has hard ear wax?
I have put oil in her ear to moisten the dry, hard ball of wax, but it never wants to come out. I could not use a cue tip as the hole in her ear is too small. The dr. said it is too hard to syringe ...

Have you ever cut a big chunk of a finger off and did you go get stitches?

mark s
When I was growing up we were poor so yep big time on more than one occasion I always healed up OK I have been cut to the bone before w/ no stitches.

Chuck G
yes. the doctor reminded me of edna mode but she did a good job with the stitches.


i scraped my finger to the white meat and it was a big chunk of meat that came off and it was on the freezer door at work i just put bandages on it and it healed in about a week or two

Taylor G
um no i can honestly say that i have not recently cut a big chunk of a finger off and got stitches

Joseph, II
Well- kinda... I made the MISTAKE of holding a stack of Frozen Hamburger Patties- while my girlfriend tried to cut them apart... The knife "slipped"- & I was on my way to the "E.R."! :( The stitches in my finger weren't HALF as dramatic- as my girlfriends Reaction was!!! Needless to say, I no longer get asked if I need any "help" separating anything with a knife! :)

Well pretty much if you cut a "chunk" of flesh OFF your finger they will not sew the "chunk" back on. They will instead let the flesh regenerate and heal back. The process of flesh growing back is called granulation.

However if you do cut a "chunk" of flesh off you do need to go see a doctor so it does not get infected.

I was in the mafia for a while and yes...but those guys deserved it (see they owed us money) and getting it stitches for them just sends a mixed message.

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