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Ear piercing infection? should i take my earrings out?
i got my ears pierced about 6 weeks ago, my right ear is killing me when i touch it! it got so swollen my earring looked like it was going to get buried into my ear lobe(I know, seriously gross right) anyway i managed to push it out from under the swelling and now i'm able to twist and clean it but do i have to take it out? i'm worried that if i take it out, it'll hurt to bad to put back in again

what should i do?

Gemma D
yes take it out. and get a warm tissure with salt water and rub it around your ear. keep doing that every day fora week and youshould c the change then u can put it bk in, if ut doent change go to the doctor

yes take them out. Your rejecting them and you need to get rid of them. Then clean your holes out with alcohol. You can always repierce them. If the infection goes down in a day or so you may be able to put the earings back, if they are clean of course

dont take the earring out. the infection could very well spear into your blood stream. do your best to keep it clean contact the place that pierced it and ask them about it. try washing it with antibactirial UNsented soap.

No, that's the worst thing you can possibly do!! Leave them in, because if you take them out, the infection will basically be shut inside your ear, and it won't look all too great... or feel for that matter.

good luck//xx

foxy Teri
considering you have had them in 6 weeks it is OK to take them out without the fear of the holes closing up and I suggest you clean them with warm salt water twice daily hope this helps!

...chia like, i shall grow :p
its hurts so bad when you try to put it back in and when you do it will just irritate the ear more.

If you can twist and clean it now (which is what you should`ve been doing all along), I would keep at that, clean it a couple times a day (I used rubbing alcohol), really soak it and twist it each time, and twist everytime you think about it.
If you don`t notice a difference in a day or 2, maybe a visit to the Dr. is in order!

It may hurt but the way that I delt with this was to take a cap full of rubbing alcohol and I soaked my ear lobe in it for 5 min's before bed.

It helps kill the infection and reduce the swelling before you sleep on it and irritate it again.

If it gets any worse then


If the infection spreads to your blood stream you can cause permanent damage to your ear that can cause the lobe to shrivle and die...

A friend of mine was told that if she had waited another day before going to the hospital about her little ear lobe infection she

No kidding...

Be careful...

Where ever you got ur ear pieced go back there and ask for soultion to heal up ur ear. And dont take it out leave it in.

Mon Ray
You REALLY need to take the earring out, or your ears will get worse. You need to give them time to heal. Clean the piercing with peroxide regularly and soak the earring in the solution before you put it back on.

♥Jonas Lover♥
you cant take it out you should leave and clean it for about 2 months

Von M
If you take them out you wont be able to get them back in. keep them in so it drains the infection out and keep cleaning them. it happened to me the exact same but they are fine now keep them in and even though you cant really clean them do as much as you can.

You need to get them out of there! Trust me, my piercings have gotten infected badly before. Take out the earring, and put the whole earring, including the back in peroxide. Put a little on your ear, and wash it with Antibacterial soap. My piercer also recommended to put triple Antibiotic ointment on it for some time. Let your ears get some air and try to put the earring back in. If you can't get it, or if it hurts too much I would wait longer, and then if they still don't clear up you should either see if you have an allergy to the earring, or if you need a better one. If it is just infected, let it close up and repierce it if you want.
Good luck!

Only Time - *churchboy*
You have a definate serious ear infection. See a doctor immediatly!!!! He will give you instructions, but go to the place you got it pierced too, because they will give you ointments.

Anubis's Right Wing
Do *not* pay attention to anyone but your doctor if they tell you to take the earrings out.

If you really have an infection and you take them out, especially if they are newly pierced, it will only allow the skin to close over the infection and trap it within, which will create a much more complex and serious problem.

My suggestion is to knock your cleaning routine up another notch. Use the cleaning solution you were given by your piercer, or find one yourself. Also use peroxide a few times a day. Make sure you keep twisting it, but only with clean fingers and when you need to take care of it.

Also: try not to sleep on the infected ear. If both are infected, sleep on your back. I've never heard a doctor mention it, but it's a personal belief of mine that the bacteria from your sleeping area will worsen the infection if you come into excessive contact with it, such as rubbing down against it in your sleep.

Champagne lover
I had some swelling when i pierced my ear too. I didn't dare to remove the earstud cause i was so scared that the hole will close and i had to go through the whole process of piercing again. I got some surgical spirit (any pharmacy will sell it) and poured some onto my earlobe. Then i twisted and turned my earstud to work the surgical spirit in. The swelling went away within 2 days. Works every time for me.

Hope your swelling gets better asap!

Sarah P
Take it out, let the inflamation go down. If your ear lobe is discolored or is leaking puss or discolored liquid, get an antibiotic from your doctor. Six weeks is long enough for the whole to take shape. You should be fine to treat the possible infection, and still put your earings back in.

If it's nto infected, it may be an allergic reaction to the type of metal that your earring is made out of.


Well what i had to do was take them out and then i let them heal. Then when my ears got better i put my earings back in but if you want your ears to heal..and your worried about them getting in well that best is to take them out and then wait for them to heal then if you need to get them pierced again. I'm just speaking from experience:P
hope that helps

You are gonna have to take them out, clean them a couple times a day with peroxide and leave them out until they are healed. If you don't the hole will be too big and your ear rings will hang funny.

Take it out. It's probably an infection. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the wound and leave it open for a while (this means no earring for the time being). Wait till the swelling goes down before trying to insert the earring again.

ahh this just happened to me like last week. i ended up taking mine out for good, because the infection got horrible. and i didn't want to take any changes with the staff infection going around and everything.

keep it out
and go to the place where you got them pierced.
gOoD lUcK

Leave the earring in. Clean with alcohol and peroxide. After you clean it rub some Neosporin on to your ear (back and front. Do this for a couple of days and it should clear up. After it get back to normal take the earring out and clean with Alcohol and Peroxide again. Soak earrings in alcohol for a couple of minutes, put some Neosporin on the ear and put the earrings back in. If your posts aren't surgical steel or solid gold that may be part of your problem

¸.•*´`*♥ GODEZZ ♥*´`*•.¸
you should clean it as much as you can if not your gonna have to take it out it sounds like it is getting infected

jason s
it depends on how bad it is. if you take the earring out and soak it in peroxide or some other cleaning solution and clean the area around the infection and where the hole for your earring is it should heal ! do this everyday till it is looking completely better if the infection does not go away in about a month you should defiantly take it out and if you are still having troubles after you took the earring out you need to see a doctor . i hope this helped you !

when i got my ears pierced, that happened 2 me & what u do is take your earring out and clean the earring and your ear with rubbing alchohol (it might sting but it helps). then leave your earring out for about 2-3 days then put your earring back in. I hope it helps!

You should contact the place that you had your piercing done at to ask them the best solution; however, if you are able to clean it and move the earring around, I would try not to take it out because there would be a possibility that you would have to re-pierce your ear.

Why ask me?
Yes..take em out and have another try when they are well.

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