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Door slammed on my hand?
A door just slammed on my hand and caught 2 of my fingers pretty hard. I can move them but they're getting really swollen and stiff. I've put my hand in cold water to try and get rid of the swelling. Is that right and is there anything else I should do?

R. S.
go to the hospital or local pharmacy. Better be safe than sorry.

Try keeping your hand levitated to help the blood run through them.
Try not to move them too much as it may defect the 'healing'.
Just leave it for a while, time is a healer for thoes kind of accidents.

I personally would discourage ice as it wont exactly help with healing 'cause it'll make it more vulnerable and maybe numb.. it's not what you need.

that happened to me and i broke my blood vessels...u should go to the doc just in case and let them look at it...u dunno if there's more damage like fractures or anything...i wrapped it in a ace bandage but ur just gonna have to let it heal about a week or 2...feel better!!!

use ice it will bring down the swelling

i know it will hurt, but try to bend them. if you can, that's a good sign. ice your hand, keep it elevated, and treat the pain with Advil or alleve. it the pain increases or you lose the ability to really move your hand, get to an urgent care or ER for xrays.

You did the right thing, if you can put a ziploc bag with some ice on them, they are going to be swollen for at least 1 more day, make sure than you try to move them very slowly every once in a while. Take care and I hope you get better!★

Steph [♥]
Try putting a cold pack over it. The swelling should go down soon.

Misty Eyes
Ice is good for the swelling. Take an Aspirin or Tylenol to help with the pain.

Lori K
All you can do is ice and perhaps an x-ray tomorrow to make sure nothing is broken. Take an Aleve or something to help with the pain.

charlotte r
keep your hand strapped up and raised above your heart to reduce the swelling.

jason c
Keep the hand in ice water for a long as possible, take pain killers and if it does not get any better in a day or two get to the hospital for x-rays.

Ice, keep your hand elevated, analgesics & get an X-Ray.

I would get to a doctor/emergency room to get it checked. It's probably nothing serious, but better safe than sorry. Good luck.

I hope you are feeling a bit better by now?

I think you did the right thing, although an x-ray would be good to be on the safe side.


Not sure how much cold water helps.

Another thing that would hep alleviate the pain is to strap them together or to another finger with micro pore or another tape. If it starts throbbing over night then you can take Paracetamol and Ibuprofen either together or at 2 hourly intervals. e.g Paracetamol first then 2 hours later Ibuprofen.
Hope they get better soon. If the pain is unbearable get to the hospital.

Cold water or ice pack to the fingers and elevate your hand higher than your heart. That will keep it from feeling like your fingers have a heart beat.

If you have a ring on either finger, take it off now so the finger doesn't swell to the point of having to have your ring cut off.

If there is any deformity, you need to go to the ER or if the pain is too much for you to handle, go to the ER.

I know that is very painful.

John C
Frozen peas is best to stop the initial bleeding. then after ~1 hr you need to massage the area similarly to a sprain. You add heat & rubbing & use the area as much as possible. This is to help your blood get in there & clean out all the damaged cells & repair them.

Well try contacting your doctor/peditrician and get help and ask them if it is something that is serious and that needs to be dealed with ASAP and if they say no..and give you advice on what to do 75% would to be what your doing and to also put some ice on your hands/fingers. You could try getting an ACE bandage and wrapping up your hand (not to tight not to loose) and setting it on a pillow along with alot of cold water and ice in a bag wrapped in a cloth and set that ontop of your hand. Let it sit for a while and check it every half hour- hour or so. If it isn't better in the morning call your doctor and arrange the earliest appointment and see if they can help. Don't worry i have done the same thing..well not exactly.. i have hit my fingers pretty hard in the door to where they turn purplish-black. I have also broused my wrist. I just did the same thing. But my wrist didnt stop hurting till about 2 months after the inccident happened. Don't worry though. It'll get better. Might take a while. But it'll get better.

ice it immediately-stops the sweeling. If you have Aleve or Ibuprofen it will also help you. Then, I'd advise you call the doc.

The Kymster<3.
keep your hand elevated above your heart, to keep the blood through out of your fingers to help reduce the swelling. take Advil or Tylenol as needed. also get first-aid your tape and tape both of the injured fingers together. that's known as the buddy system, this is so each finger acts as a splint for the other finger. just be sure you don't tape your fingers on the joints. just continue to ice them. if they don't start to feel better in about 3 days you should see your doctor.


Oooo that's gotta hurt.

If you slammed it hard enough, you could have fractured your bones.

If not, it's just a really bad bruise. You're doing the right thing by putting it in cold water. The fact that you can move your fingers is a good sign.

I would go to a doctor and get an x ray just to be safe. In the meantime, don't use those fingers and let them heal!!

GET TO your local hosp/doctors It's better to get them checked out properly.

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