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 Cut my foot on glass...should i be worried?
hi, i cut my heel on a piece of glass yesterday and it was bleeding a lot at the time i think theres no glass in it and i sprayed disinfectant on it and covered it with a band aid
but when i ...

 What kind of repellent works to keep spiders away from me.?
I work outside and I'm afraid of spiders what works as a repellent for them?...

 How do I know if my daughters sunburn is second degree?
We went to the river today and put sunscreen on 3 times ( it didn't help like I wanted) but she is bright red and I am wondering if it is not second degree. it is red not swollen and no fever ...

 I wake up tired and feel tired & sluggish all day. Don't drink or smoke. Take B vitamins. What can I do?

 Can you show me some tricks on how to enjoy life without spending a penny?

 I blistered the inside of my hand with a hot glue gun. Any suggestions on how to treat it & ease the pain?
I was working on some crafts when I burned my hand with the hot glue gun (with a setting of 380 degrees F/ 193 degrees C). Naturally it blistered instantly. I would like to know how to treat the burn/...

 How remove a roach from my brothers ear?

 Question for those who have gotten their cartilage pierced.?
I got a cartilage piercing in each ear about a week ago. Both were completely fine, no pain or anything, up until yesterday, when they started hurting a lot. Has this happened to anyone? I have had ...

 Have any of guys had like blisters inside you lips they are sooo painful...?
many ppl have told me its because Im always barefoot.... they are like white lil blisters.... how do you treat them?? what causes them??...

 Have you ever given yourself stitches?
If anything what would you use for numbing?...

 Is it safe to put peroxide in your ear?

 Water blah?
i have to drink 8 oz of water with my antibiotic. i hate water....is there any alternative thing i can drink with it. like tea????? would that ...

 I got bit by a spider right now , what should i do ?
just that im waiting for a ride. :-(...

 Anyone have a home remedy for getting rid of headlice? my friends little boy keeps getting it at school!?

 Why does it hurt sometimes when you urinate?
on a period, and it hurts when you ...

 How important is it for me to drink water? Can I get enough hydration if I only drink juice & soda?
Can not drinking enough water make a person really tired? How do I stay up & not feel so sleepy? I'm so tired all the time I'm startint to think I'm brain dead, please help!!!...

 Found a yellow and black capsule pill with Z 2407 marking. What is it?

 Does nerves affect asthma? stress?
have asthma that comes on all of a sudden. could it be nerves or stresss? i also have allergies....

 Why people smoke when they know that they'll get sick and " quit " ?

 Help I Dont Have Any Self Esteem!!!!?
Where do u get self esteem when u have never had any. When u were younger u were told that u could could lose a few pounds, you were never encouraged or told that u were smart or beautiful and now as ...

Does B-12 make you hungry?
I have noticed that when I get a B-12 shot that I am ravenous afterwards for a couple of days.
Additional Details
Hi Harley!!! been wondering where you got off to for a couple of days.. I usually get to the questions just after you do so you probably dont see me as much.

No it doesnt make you hungry.

Lin ♥ J Thinker
Yes .

I've been taking a B-12 supplement for about 2 months now, and I've actually lost weight. I don't think it's anything to do with the B-12 though.

The last time I went to a doctor, I was 21. Hate to admit how long ago that was, but I don't remember what it feels like to get a B12.

All vitamins make me hungry so, I take them at bedtime!

If I've played my cards right, B-12 makes me yell, "BINGO!!!"

No.It really helps the energy level if your doctor gives the shots to you.
By the way, is your wedding dress anything like the outfit in your picture. If so, ya gotta show us. You will have to show us anyway. Hope you have a long married life and ten children. Ok, a happy married life with.. children.

Somewhat.But the Metabolic rate is increased, so it's a good thing. If You can take in more Food, and burn it off faster, You actually lose Fat!

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