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yahoo user
Do you need to put a bandaid on a burn?
My 13 year old just got a little burn on her finger, like the ones that turn into blisters. She is soaking it in ice water, but she is very anti-bandaid. Is it ok if she doesnt wear a bandaid on it?

Doctor Paulson
If the skin is intact, there is no need for a bandaid but if it blisters and opens up, I would suggest putting some Neosporin and a bandaid on it to prevent infection and reduce scarring!

I never wear band aids on mine. I have heard that when you put mustard on a burn it makes the sting go away. I know it sounds weird but it can be worth a try.

she doesnt need a bandaid, but it will protect the area from infection after the blister bursts. she should not soak the area however, a blister is the bodys natural bandage and doesnt require a covering, i would recommend a good burn cream applied a couple times a day, not escessively... and always wash your hands and the area thoroghly before touching the area or applying first aid...

Well, it will be pretty sensitive to the touch, but I don't think that band-aids do much for burns, except for pad the sore area, since there's no cut to cover. Just put some aloe on it, kiss it all better, and it'll be fine.


I would say keep it covered, but it doesn't have to be a bandaid. If she would tolerate some other light gauze that would work too. Otherwise, continue to moniter the sight. A small area will probably heal quickly without too much damage.

it would be a good idea to put a bandaid or bandage of some kind on it to prevent popping and therefore possible infection.

Yeah, it's okay! She might get a blister and if the blister pops then she should put something (even gauze) on top of it. But until then she's ok.

I have had some really bad burns on my hands. Yes soak in ice water doesn't have to be really really icy but cold to keep the pain away and mostly just to keep the air off, as that is what hurts. Suggestion, add a bunch of arm and hammer baking soda to the bowl. It helps takes the sting out and is also interesting to play with at the bottom of the bowl. Have her leave her hand in there as long as she needs to. I always get sleepy when hurt so I would put bowl next to the bed and leave my arm in it and go to bed. The next day no more pain. Then you will need to heat a sewing needle with a match to sterilize, then at the base of the burn just a tiny bit back from the bubble poke the needle in and towards the bubble till you get the water out. this will keep it from tearing and getting caught on stuff and will still keep the area covered and clean. When I was her age I was never a big fan of that last step. But really it doesn't hurt. You can also make a paste of the baking soda with water and cover burn but doesn't work as well as just keeping submerged in ice water. Hate burns they are the worst especially on your hands!

try a gauze pad. it will cover the burn wound better than a bandaid. cuz bandaids hurt when u have to take it off cuz its sticky. imagine that on a burn wound. aww

First of all, soaking a burn in ice water is pointless. Butter or oil is better.

She does not need a Band-Aid at all. Let the burn "air-heal."

You might want to apply something like Neosporin in a day or two, but letting the burn heal without covering it is best.

You can pop the blister with a sterilized needle, which will not hurt at all, and wash the area with hyrdrogen peroxide and rinse with clean water.

It's a good thing it's a little burn; otherwise you would need to take her to the doctor.

Never forget that pain is a thing to comprehend, as it balances and makes grander the pleasures we feel. Do not (in my opinion) over-shield your daughter from pains. Psychologically, her growth will benefit from pain now and then, a very natural part of life. Forgive me if I sound too philosophical!

By the way, you can condition your daughter to like Band-Aids by buying fun ones, like SpongeBob or glow-in-the-dark ones, and having BOTH OF YOU wear them for fun when there is no injury -- on your arm or leg or tummy. By making wearing a Band-Aid safe and harmless, even fun when there is no injury, you will help her appreciate one when she gets that cut in the future that can get infected.

Regardless, if she continues to be anti-Band-Aid, be sure to keep clean the wound and expose it to air. And remember that TLC [tender loving care] is the best remedy for most minor cuts and bruises and burns.

Share with your daughter a time you were burned or cut and how it felt and how grateful you were to get it treated and healed!

Frederic Kahler
Las Vegas

aww too bad. i recently had a large burn from a cake pan. i never covered mine and it healed spectacularly. ice water is the only thing that will really help. all the best.

Little Softy
As long as you are keeping it clean, I don't see why you would have to put a bandaid on any wound. In reality, the air helps it to heal faster. I would consider putting a little Polysporin on it or some aloe vera gel to help soothe it or even some water gel for burns. Other than that, leave it open to the air if that is what she is more comfortable

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