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Additional Details
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Thank you all so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful night....

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 Why do i sneeze when i go outside from a dark room on a sunny day?

Can you take a shower when you have flu or cold?

why wouldn't you be able to?

It's Just Chris
Certainly. Just don't run the water too hot if you have a fever because you might pass out.

A steamy shower can help make you feel better, and getting your hair wet will not make you sick, or sicker, bacteria and viruses make you ill not wet hair, or cold feet, those are wive's tales. Unless you are going out in freezing cold weather with soaking wet hair, that can affect your body's temperature regulatory system and potentially allow naturally occurring bacteria in the body to multiply and become infection, but I'm sure you wouldn't be doing that if you are already ill, so go on, take a nice steamy shower, take a couple Tylenol, drink some nice hot tea and feel better.

warm showers are best.

Definitely! Sometimes it helps you feel better, at least for a little while.

yes but don't get your hair wet

Yes the steam helps it

sure, you will most likely feel less stiff and gross after. steam is used to break down Flem anyway

Sure you can - what would make you think you can't? The only thing to watch for is your level of strength. If you're dizzy or very weak, it's advisable to have someone in the house checking on you to make sure you don't fall in the tub.

Besides, it gets you clean and gets some of the ickies off of you, speeding your recovery (change your sheets and toss the trash can with all of the used tissue in it too so that you're not continuing to breathe in germs).

yeah, it's normal. And it would help if it's a warm bath. plus if u dont take a shower u would be dirty lol

Hal H
No problem. The hotter the better, according to what your comfort level is. The humid air might help Loosen up your congestion. And it's sure to make you feel a little better.

Just don't get chilled afterward.

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