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 My mom died last summer. How can i move on with my life?
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Can you put super glue on an open cut to hold skin together?
I have a deep cut and do not want to get stitches and want to know if super glue will work

Newt 3
Nexicare now has a skin glue.

sure it does but it is unsanitary, you might be infected if you do that.

Of course you can

That's what it was first used for, emergency sticking together of wounds in battle - in fact it still replaces stitches in some medical procedures

They, the medics use something like superglue but not for deep cuts or areas of flexation. Super glue does not hang onto moist areas(blood).
They will do what they can.

yes it will work

No! That would cause an infection! It would eventually cause you more pain. Just be a big girl and go to the doctor. I've had stitches, it's not that bad.

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no it can kill you

Yes it will, just clean it out good and watch for signs of infection. It's the same thing as Dermabond, which is what they'd likely do for it at the hospital...

crystal h
Yes ,super glue will help but, you run the risk of infection. Your best bet is go to the hospital. Depending on how deep the cut is and the location they can use a medical equivalance of super glue that does not run as much risk of infection. ( i have had both stitches and glue. Personally, I think stitches are better and they don't hurt that bad.)

lisa f
I would never put super glue on a open wound or any wound for that matter it could cause infection. If you do not want to get stitches you can go to the store and buy something called liqued stitch over the counter that way is much better and much safer.

well actually that is what super glue was first used for (medical reasons) So yes you can, now of course this depends on the size of the cut. If it is something that needs stitches then by all means go and get them. but if it is a small cut then using some ( little amount) will and can help to hold it together, hope this helps!

No, it can do more damage than good.

super glue is not good idea. i wont do anything like that..

it would but i wouldnt do it

Please go to the doctor. You will get a terrible infection and you will regret super glue for the rest of your entire life. I think you should get that liquid bandage stuff and put some peroxide on the cut first..If it's not bleeding you are okay. Please save yourself from a bad experience. You will be okay. Take care of yourself.

You can still go to the ER and let them adhere the superglue on the cut with buterfly straps. If you really dont want stitches but sometimes they are necessary if too deep.. they dont hurt that much if at all... you dont want a scar go see a doc.. plus... they need to irrigate it and make sure it is steril before it is closed otherwise if you close it with germs inside or dust... it can lead to a greater infection that you dont want....

yes it will work. That was the original use of super glue back in WW2. Make sure you clean the wound really well then dry it. Hold the wound closed and apply the glue. To let you know though it burns like the fires of H&LL. Once the glue is dry cover the wound with small strips of medical tape to help hold it together. If you do not want to use super glue small strips of duct tape works also to keep a wound closed and heal without stitches

supler glue will work.. you may want to try liquid band-aid 1st.. if its really deep.. you should go to the doctors to eliminate the risk of infection..

I have used superglue on the cracks on my heels. It really does work. It stings a little when you first put it on, though. For a deep cut somewhere else, though, you might want to get stitches to avoid scarring.

I can't remember what they are called but get those strip bandages that are for cuts like that. Maybe someone will know what I am talking about and finish up this response. Sorry about that cut. Ouch!

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