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Can swallowing cologne or perfume harm you?
My 5 year old neice dumped out a clear bottle of cologne in a paper cup which looked alot like water. My dad drank what he thought was water and discovered that it was cologne. Is there any need to call a poison control? Will he be ok?


He might get very sick. Call poison control just to be on the safe side.


I don't think it's dangerous but if you got the number for poison control, I'd call just to be safe. It couldn't hurt.

Call poison control to be sure. Have the name of the cologne and approximate amount drunk on hand.

lol surprise! happy.. er.. april fools!

Of course you need to call the poison control or consult a doctor

Usually the main ingredient in commercial cologne is alcohol - so he might get a bit of a buzz, but he should be fine. Keep an eye on him though - if he's not feeling good go to a clinic. Most likely he'll be fine, and if anything, learn to sniff before sipping!

He'll be fine if he only took a small sip, but, there are alcohols in cologne that are dangerous and poisonous. I wouldn't be concerned unless he starts vomiting or complaining of blurred vision.

No, My little girl made my little boy drank perfume before.I called Poison Control and they said that he would be fine.So you don't have anything to worry about.

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