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boba fett
Can drinking gatorade all the time be bad for you ?
like,even if you are not running or,any activity at all because sometimes my throat huts so bad for no reason at all.

Yeah, your throat will hurt alright. Truly, Gatorade isn't the best thing to drink for sports anyways because it's so packed full of sugar. Drinking things with high sugar contents (Yes, energy drinks too) will make your throat hurt and cause sudden drowsiness after awhile of feeling really energetic. You can also get headaches from suddenly receiving the sudden raise in blood sugar.

I am not a doctor but I would think that drinking Gatorade all the time can't be good for you....Gatorade is used by athletes to replenish the fluids the lose during their sports activities....if you aren't athletic and drinking it you may be getting more electrolytes than you need which could possibly be harmful to your health....I would check with a doctor about it.

drink it when your hung over it realy hydrates your body. Too much of any one thing is not good.

atorade is filled with elecrolytes which give you enegy if you lose magnisium and salts fom you system from being very active.Also you can never get enough liguids in your system since our bodies are made up of 83 percent water.Answe is no.Keep playing sports and dink lots of liquids.THE PRO'S DUE !

It can be bad for you. It is very high in sodium.

Gatorade was created for the high performance professional athlete. If you plan on hitting the gym it's okay to drink an hour before your workout. It will replace any electrolytes that you may lose. I don't think it's bad for you but water is much better and more recommended for a regular drink.

**FYI someone said gatorade is better than water that's not true.

dont you know by drinking gatorade, youll get thirsty for more?

Yes, Gatorade is great if you are thin and while playing a sport. if you have some to moderate weight on you it is not good, and for anyone you should not drink it unless you are playing sports. Gatorade works on the idea that you are sweating and loosing the salt in your body. Gatorade replaces this salt. if you have too much of this salt it puts a strain on your system

Gatorade is full of inorganic ions, (Na, K, Cl) and sugars, which can stress you kidneys and just maybe, you could get kidney stones! However, Gatorade is better than water during exercise because sweating causes your kidneys to leech ions out of your blood plasma. Its also good to drink if youve lost a lot of blood since you have to maintain blood osmolality.

I think it's pretty high in sodium, so you should drink it only when you're actually working hard! Just when you're sweating in brilliant colors like on the commercial!

tis is bad for you it mess up your systum

Well your not drinking soda, or beer, or juices with high volumes of sugar...so no I dont think gatorade is bad for you, but at the same time, I've heard cases where gatorade has given people the hershey squirts because they drink too much of it on a hot day..

It may be from all the sugar you are drinking. It is as bad for you as most foods can be if not balanced by other foods. Try drinking water and 100% fruit juices with no added sugar. Water is best b/c even fruit juice has a lot of sugar. Milk is a great snack as well and can make a great compliment to breakfast and lunch.

It is high in sodium and carbohydrates. This is not healthy for anyone. Switch to bottled water ( I prefer FIJI water).

Everything in moderation = )

Yes excessive salt may affect you're heart

it's loaded with sugar and calories. It's useless.

If your throat hurts, it has nothing to do with Gatorade. See a doctor. Strep throat is going around.

drinking gatorade is bad for you ande it doesn't give you energy.

Yes. Gatorate has lots of sugar and especially sodium, not even mentioning all the crap they put it in. It's good in tournaments cause it gives you boost, but I prefer drinking water when just exercising or practicing or whatever.

Well, given that Gatorade is very (intentionally) high in sodium and sugar (carbohydrates), I'd say that drinking nothing but Gatorade all day long probably isn't the best choice for you.

Excessive sodium will increase blood pressure and that's associated with heart disease. The sodium in your body helps regulate your water balance.

The recommended daily sodium intake is approximately 1500mg a day - approximately equal to the amount needed by healthy 19-50 year old adults to replace the amount lost through sweat each day. The so-called "tolerable upper intake level" is approximately 5800mg a day.

Gatorade contains approximately 450mg of sodium per liter of liquid - a 20 ounce bottle contains about 270 mg of sodium. (Compare to the 50mg in a 12 ounce can of Coke).

The bigger concern is the amount of sugar in Gatorade - lots of carbs = weight gain and cavities.

Save the Gatorade for an exercise replenishment drink - drink juice or water when you're just thirsty.

Why's the rum gone? ☺☮♥ ăƒ„â™«
Gatorade is for active people. It is also good for ill people who are dehydrated. You CAN drink it without any problems, but if you are a diabetic, too much Gatorade CAN be bad for you. Sometimes when I drink too much Gatorade, I also get a sore throat. Maybe you should switch to some other drink.

Doing anything all the time is bad for you. A wise man once said, moderation in everything, and in everything moderation. In other words don't do anything all the time.

It has jsut as much sugar and calories as soft drinks. It's probably not a good thing if you drink too much. Water is best for your body.

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