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Can consuming bleach kill a child?
My daughter grabbed a bowl out of the sink which had been submerged in bleach water and poured her cereal in it. When she told me and I found out that the water had bleach in it we both panicked. I'm not sure wether to take her to the emergency room or what.

I would just to be safe. It sounds to me that she is okay but I am not a doctor.

I'm sure you have taken your kid to the doc by now, but you have to drink a surprising amount of bleach (straight, undiluted) before it can hurt you. For example, a full teaspoon of salt is far more toxic to a small child than 8 oz of bleach.
Especially diluted, the bleach is harmless.
Remember, there is a little bit in al drinking water that comes from the tap.

Ryan 013
maby but I realy think it will gudt make them sick {very sick}

Its probably only a small amount, but talk to your doctor about.
And for future reference, the next time your daughter eats something, or something happens to her that is medical, even if it IS only a minor thing like a cut or something, don't come over here and ask about it. None of us can know for sure how severe it is. Call a doctor, or go to the ER.

Gurl gon hav Ta git hurr stumik puhmpd

Hilary Y
Consuming bleach - very dangerous and would always warrant a trip to the hospital.
Doing what you describe - I wouldn't worry as the bleach is dilute and a minute quantity. If she hasn't got any chemical burns on her lips / in her mouth there is no cause for concern.
Get her to drink some milk if you are still worried, but never, ever induce vomitting if you think that someone has swallowed poison.

gurlfriend, what are you waiting for...you need to get your daughter to the emergency room ASAP!

Marty P

just browsin
ER, now.

Common Sense
Was there actually bleach in the bowl or had the bowl simply
been in some dish water that had bleach in it ?
If she actually drank some bleach, you probably need to go to the emergency room...
If it was simply wet from the dishwater which had bleach in it, just give her something that is acidic such a a lemon & some milk to neutralize & dilute whatever little amount she ingested...


Yes, if you don't get it out of their systems they will end up dead.

When in Doubt, ALWAYS take her to the Emergency Room!!!!!

This is YOUR CHILD we are talking about!!

Though, the amount that your child "consumed" is negligable, because its only a "covering", and it wasnt a substantial amount, it shouldnt hurt her at all.

If she had "drank" it, then it would have burned her esophagus up, on the way down, and you would of had to administer milk as a distillant, so that when she "brought it up" again, in her vomit, it wouldnt have burned her on the way back up too...

If she had trouble breathing, then you would have known that she was in distress... (its a first sign, as well as the burning throat pain).

I wish you well..


Yes, even a small amount of bleach can hurt you. Call poison control or go to the ER.

oh my god! yes yes yes pleease take her to the e.r. IMMEDIATELY. consuming any amount of bleach can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. do not wait a minute.

hey look don't listen to half these idiots, a little bit might make her a bit sick but wont kill her, by now she will be ok. just remember to put some sort of locks on the doors so it wont happen again, and its not your fault these things can happen to anyone. good luck.

call 911 NOW!

Fader's Girl
you seem a very silly woman, like the person said below, why the hell are you even here?!
If i was a mum, id already be in the emergency room! its your fvcking child for god sake, she has drank bleach! read the warnings on the bottle you fool!!!!!

Sally G
Call your poison center.

of course you take her to the medical room , I cant believe your even wasting time on hear asking this question. Havent you seen 6th sense?

Jeeze get her to the ER now. Yes is is very lethal.

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