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Blisters:: Does it hurt less after you pop it and the liquid comes out?
I got a blister after my foot doctor removed a wart; however the wart was on the bottom of my feet, and so subsequently the blister formed where the wart was. Now I can't walk properly because it hurts so much. Will it hurt less if I pop it and squeeze the liquid out? (Of course with a sanitized needle and covering it with bandage right after to prevent infection)

it will hurt more after you pop it. but if the blister really gives you a problem, let a doctor pop it and treat it. No self medicating please. The blister is in an area that is prone to infection, so opening any blister will just make you prone to infections of the foot.

DO NOT POP IT! That's the worse thing you can do for a blister, it will heal on it's own. If you pop it, even though you will bandage it, it's an invitation to infection.

your body made that blister to make it heal better. Let nature take it's course. It doesn't matter why or how you got the blister there. Your body doesn't know that. It just knows what needs to be done for it's current state. Leave it alone and wait it out

Please let your podiatrist see it. He/ she would want to treat it for you. Don't treat it yourself! It could be an abscess or something and not a blister at all.

No, they get more sore.

If you soak it in Epsom Salts, it will come out on its own. NO POPPING of ANYTHING. NEVER EVER. Soaking it will do the trick and will promote healing. You can put a small thin bandage on it and wear very comfortable shoes.

Pauleen M
Don't pop it. The blister is there for protection. If you pop it, it will hurt more and could become infected. It will go away on its own.

fadil z
it will hurt more.
let nature pop it

cutie pie!
humm eventually it will feel better after u pop it because it can heal faster and dry up. but it hurts bad at the time and also allows more risk of an infection and thats never good. leave it be i know its tempting but its for the best

larry n
to pop or not to pop

I won't answer that one. However, if you don't, you can cut a thick sheet of something soft (like rubber) so that there is a hole that the blister fits inside (think of a flat donut 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick). If you can tape that around the blister than the pain from stepping on it should be greatly reduced.

Dont pop it. It's nature's way of fixing your body. Just let it pop on its own. It's just like when you get a cut, but there isnt a penetration of your skin. I forget what its called when your blood crusts when it exist your body to stop the bleeding, but that's exactly what its doing inside the blister. Since there is no cut in the skin, it doesnt do what it does in a cut; Just that it fixes itself inside the blister. So just let it pop itself.

A blister is an area of raised skin with a watery liquid inside. Blisters form on hands and feet from rubbing and pressure, but they form a lot more quickly than calluses. You can get blisters on your feet the same day you wear uncomfortable or poor-fitting shoes. You can get blisters on your hands if you forget to wear protective gloves when you're using a hammer, a shovel, or even when you're riding your bike.

Areas on your body that form blisters and continue to be rubbed every day (like your feet because of the same pair of uncomfortable shoes you always wear to school) may go on to form calluses.

That is what I would do. It's formed by tinder skin and has blood under it or other body fluids, I would puncture it, and soak it in a solution of salt water(warm) with corn starch or hot water with 1 table spoon full of bleach to the gallon for about 30 minutes a day and try to stay off of it. wear white clean socks, keep dry when not bathing or soaking.

i would say so. i usually pop mine (just don't pull the skin off) and they feel better right away. just poke a small hole and let the liquid just leak out onto a napkin. just be sure to change the bandage regulary (im sure you know that) since it might leak a little more.....

OK, a lot of people are saying not to pop it, but I was in the army for 6 years and was in the first gulf war(Go army!!)
And so I got a lot of blisters.
I popped mine with a sterilized needle, and DID NOT pull the skin off.
Just very gently squeeze the water out and then apply some Neosporin on it and then a loose band aid.
Then, after a day, take the band-aid off and leave it uncovered, this will let it heal faster.
This will make it hurt less. The pressure from the fluid is causing the pain, it is pushing on the tender skin under the blister.
Just keep the area clean and you will be in great shape.

Dark Sunshine
after, i popped one on my foot, it felt better, but u don't really have to squeeze, most of the liquid should come out by itself

no squeezing- just a small home and soak it in warm water- then you disinfectant.

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