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John L
At what temperature should a parent take an 8 year old to the emergency room?

Additional Details
Thanks we are going at 102



I would say 104 or 105.. Why are you sitting here on the net asking questions if your kid is sick? Go watch cartoons with them and cuddle.. They need your support!

i heard at 105 you should go to the hospital


You can have febrile seizures at 105. Don't wait for that. You can give Tylenol every four hours and Motrin every 6 hours. A warm bath (not hot) is the best way to bring a fever down. Make sure to get your child's hair wet in the bath too. Alternate all of these things so that there is always something you can do next. If the fever lasts longer than a day or your little one is also dehydrated from vomiting or diarrhea then take them now.

If it gets over hundred and if it is still going up...take them even if it is only 101 F. Just to be on the safe side.

for a kid things become more serious, quicker. normal temp is 98 anything 100 or over you should get concerned if it is for longer than an hour. try childrens Tylenol and a cold compress,or cool bath- but don't leave them unattended for too long, if it doesn't get better/lower than you should think about taking the little one in. it's better to be safe than sorry.

102 or higher

<3 Anna <3
104 or higher.

105 F. or higher

I never went by temperature level when my kids were little. I went by doctor's advise. My 3 year old son had 105 one time, and the doctor had me put him in a tub of warm water and gradually add cold to ease him out of it. It went away, and he was otherwise fine. ie: no other symptoms. Still, I do believe in a mother's ability to be intuitive with her own child, and if I had had that 'feeling', I would have gone immediately to ER at any temperature. I think it really depended on the whole situation with my kids.

I would ask my child's primary doctor if there's a temperature that would indicate a need to go to ER immediately.

In children, a fever that is equal to or greater than 102.2° F should be treated.

anything over 100 if he/she's very pale and cold. conversly, hypothermia can occur and if his/her body temperature goes below the norm, 98.6, you should also take him/her to the er

103.5 or higher

24 hours of 102

If Tylenol or Motrin did not bring it down I would take him/her in at about 104...If it does bring it down, I wouldn't worry.

100F you go - and be assertive - the kid is sick. Check for other symptoms too. Bacterial meningitis kills and is missed all the time.

dani may
i would say if the temp reaches 102 and doesnt go down after giving medicine then go... try putting a cold washcloth on his or her forehead it may tke the fever down

101 or higher

Katie Girl
103 I think

when it gets to 102 and it has been climbing then you also know it will go higher..
you need to go..the higher temps can cause real damage to the child
Good Luck

It really depends on how the temperature is taken, and your child's usual temperature. If you have never taken your child's temperature when the child is well, you can't really tell. There may also be a difference if you take the temperature orally, rectally, under the armpit, use one of those "fever bands" on the forehead or an eardrum one.

Whatever the temperature, if it is above normal and lasts longer than a day or two or does not respond to treatment (cool compresses or baths, for example), you should at least call the pediatrician or clinic.


answrin' fella
I wouldn't wait for the right answer from here.. Call the doctor's office.

For future reference, however, an 8 year old shouldn't get much above 102. That should prompt a call to the doctor. Above 105-go to the emergency room.

duration of fever is very importent here... a prolonged fever at any temp is no good...

102 for an hour is more than enough for me...


I would start getting scared if it rose over 101.5-102.1.
I freak out anyway.

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