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Are love bites dangerous?
can u die from love bites? coz they give u blood clots

constant bruising of the skin e.g love bites, can cause cancer.

c4ll 4n 4mbuL4nc3! ur soooo gunnaz di3!

(Please don't think I speak like this, it's a joke)

xUnsure -x- Confusedx
I dunno I swear someone told me they can give you cancer but I don't get how. It's worth it anyway.


DK Expert
no they are never dangerous.
they are caused by local excavation of blood through small capillaries (ie they are a type of bruise).
they have nothing to do with blood clots

Not dangerous, just extremely tacky!

only if your biten by a vampire

not dangerous :]] i dont care how tacky they are, i love when my boyfriend bites my neck, it drives me crazy.. :]]

Answer Fairy
Love bites are immature and are a definite sign of inexperience.

No, you can't die from them. No, they don't give you blood clots. They are the same thing as a bruise.

Well, your dad might kill the boy that did it :-)

Not at all. Where would you get an idea like that.

No, they are just tacky.

Onlyif your lover is a vampire

Gemma T

sounds like something somebody once said to keep their daughter away from boy's naughty teeth.

no different from a normal bruice, or pinch

Dr Frank
The only danger I can think of Honey, is if your partner spots them and he did not produce them.

Medically they are totally harmless, and effectively simply a superficial bruise.

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