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Any remedies for trapped wind?
we have tried all the over the counter remedies. milk of magnesia, rennie deflateze things but to no avail.

any suggestions or good old fashioned cures?

warm water and Peppermint cordial and Gentle exercise

anjem b
Fizzy drinks are excellent!

A can of Coca Cola, shake it a little and drink immediately as much as you can. This will cause a minor explosion when it hits the trapped air in your stomach and you will let out an almighty burp. Drink the remainder of the Coke slowly.

Iused Remegel and Gaviscon but the Coke was so much better (and tastier).

greyhound mummy
this is a good 1 i told my m8 to try it and it does work..get a can of coke(regular coke in the red can is the best 1 2 use 4 this)drink as much as you can in 1 go, this will cause u 2 burp and hey presto trapped wind gone ...try it and let us no how u get on xx

some timeĀ“Ā“s just plain old boiled water , drink it as hot as you can, Or maybe tonic water

Trapped flatus is usually the result of a prolapse of the transverse colon. Causing a kink in the flexure of the descending colon. Thus making it difficult for the gas to pass that point. You may find relief by assuming the knee chest position. Allowing that transverse colon to return to its normal position, with the cooperation of gravity.

First of all get a long pole. Don't worry it's only to open the windows!

make sure you stand down wind of your friends or you won't have any!

What about a kite?

Seriously try Ginger ale.

You really need to exercise. If you have been lying down for ages and not really doing anything active you get bloated. I get like it when I go on Fly and Flop holidays. After a few days of eating and drinking and doing very little else I feel awful.

I usually drink a can of 7up which takes away the trapped wind.Works everytime for me! lol.

Plain boiling water,as hot as you can stand,works as well as anything

Earl D
A good position that delivers flatulence.

sip a glass of warm water and by the time you have drunk it you should be burping

Hunny Bun...
boiled water with a touch of sugar added can help lol.

Bicarbonate of soda in water. Soak in a very warm bath or try relaxing with a hot water bottle on your stomach.

Sparkling water is the easiest.
Otherwise try dried appricots.

have you got a push bike, mountain bike, anything that you need to pedal? Raise the seat on it so your bum's higher than the handlebars then go out and cycle for an hour. No didnt make this up, a doctor told us a while ago, and guess what, it works!

I use charcoal tablets, but you can get cholic medicine if it is also painful. You could also observe what you eat, leave certain parts of what you eat regularly out of your diet bit by bit until you notice what gives you the most or least problem. Also exercise will help move the bowels and colon about. Like Yoga, gardening swimming, etc.

mushy peas are brilliant

My old Granny used to swear buy warm lemonade to cure her gas, and when we went to visit, the atmosphere in her house seemed to suggest that it worked!!

There is a Yoga for trapped wind which is so easy to do. I am unable to explain to you. If you consult a Yoga specialist he/she will show you how to do it.

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