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Will I lose weight if I only drink water and eat salad for a month ? I also excercise.?
I would aslo like to know How much weight i will lose if I do that for 2 weeks or a month ?

These excercises that I do are crunches,sidecrunches,jumprope,jogging,p... & lungs.

If you guys know a good way of losing 2-7 lbs. in 2 weeks can you please tell me.


thats not healthy u should be eating more than that no matter what age u are or how fat u r

yes you will lose weight.cont know how much.

cookie monster
you will loose ALOT of weight but mostly water weight
about 20 lbs i guess but you will gain it all back once you start eating normally again
dont eat junk food or fried crap
anything that ends in berry is great
'eat plenty of protien like lean meats :fish turkey
dont forget fruits and veggies keep doing your work outs and you should be fine
good luck

P3nTa g
I think it depends on the salad and the quantity you are going to eat.

you can try it but i can guarantee you will be bingeing on soda and chips after the first week. NOT a very realtisic plan at all! Why do people always have to say 'i need to loose this much in 2 weeks' this isnt the way to lose weight. You clearly have something that you are going to or something where u need to fit into a dress or you are going on holiday somewhere. You should diet and exercise for health not for vanity!

but thats not a good idea. you wont be getting all the nutrients you need.
simply put, to loose weight you have to burn more calories than you take in.
i it helps: 3500 calories = 1 pound

heres what you should do to exercise:
watch video on front page (hiit video 3)

not eating will cause your body to starve, you wont be able to perform exercises and you will just take on everything as fat after you start eating again. just cut back on unhealthy foods and sugars but dont drastically change your calorie intake (at max lower your normal calorie intake by 500 and keep that for at least 2 weeks).

i wouldnt think thats really healthy to just drink water and eat salads for that long.

Yes... but you'd have to eat a LOT of salad if you didn't want to get sick. Avoid dressings and such, but look for fruit too to give you sugar for energy when you exercise. Fresh fruit only. If I were you. I'd go for bananas, mangoes, and berries. Good luck!

i've been dieting,and exercising for 3 weeks now and have lost 8 pounds!

baby phat
if u just drink water and eat salad for 2 months u wont loose any weight u have to eat healthy things in small portions and exercise trust me my mom is a nutristionst

Snacky Jackie
you will but your matabolism will slow down so you'll gain weight once your diests back to normal. You wana have a gradual diet and fitness routine.

Yes, you will lose weight but if all you want to lose is 2-7 pounds over 2 weeks, you can do that be exercising and just cutting calories, not going so drastic as water and salad. But, if you are planning on water and salad try to add some grilled chicken breast and maybe some cheese every so often to change things up and to get some extra protein that you'll need for your workouts

You wouldn't lose any weight - likely put some on.
Because you'll get bored with the water and salad because they're both so bland. You'll just splurge on the unhealthy foods after a couple of days.
Just try to keep your calorie intake under 1000cal./day and you'll be fine. Only count your solids as calories. Try drinking lots of OJ or other juices as they have a lot of vitamins, are low in calories, and aren't boring. Make sure that you do drink your eight glasses a day, though. Losing 2-7lbs should be no problem at all. Good luck.

you will lose weight. however, it takes A LOT of motivation and endurance to keep that up for a month. a month may not seem long but temptation is everywhere to eat. i gurantee you will binge once the month is up, or you will binge on some food during the month. try to watch what you eat EACH day and continue exercising. i've tried unhealthy methods of dieting and it's always harder than it seems.

jamerkus j
you'll freaking die. but i suppose yes u will lose weight

Brandon Miller
Yes...you will lose alot of weight. Mostly you will lose muscles. if you want to walk around like a sickly looking model that is bones and ends up dead. Yeah, your on the right path. If your going to only eat salad and water only , why don't you also go in the bathroom and shove your middle finger all the way down your throat to make yourself throw up...

On a more serious note, my girlfriend has just turned Vegan recently and has lost a huge amount of weight. She bought the book "Skinny Betch" (spelt B eye tee c h ) Look it up and read it...it's really good.


You may lose weight, but you will do some damage to yourself.

If you're going to do aerobic exercises (burning lots of calories in cardio) the salad and water won't give you enough protein to sustain you.

If you eat meat, eat very lean meat like skinless chicken, fish, or turkey. Eat a small amount of pasta as well.


You'll lose weight, but you'll also be malnourished, so basically it's harming you more than it's helping because your metabolism will be shot. If you return to normal diet, you'll gain all the weight back because your body thinks it's dying. If you don't return to your normal diet, you'll eventually die as well. You have to have protein, minerals, a certain amount of fat, etc. in your diet to live.

First of all, if you live on salad and water, your body will adjust to that amount of calories and retain your weight. It's kinda like a survival thing. Like, if you ran out of food because you were on a deserted island, your body would try to conserve and retain the weight and nutrients that it has, right? Also, if you take weight off too quickly, it will come right back really fast! The only way to get and keep weight off is to do it slowly. Try to eat about 1200 calories and do about 30-45 minutes of cardio(swimming, running, biking, etc.) per day.

Hope this helps!

tharedhead ((debajo del ombĂș))
you need protein, at the very least add chicken or cheese to your salads during different meals.

and you must eat at least 1200 calories a day or else your body will go into starvation mode and will hold onto everything you do eat...not allowing you to shed pounds. also muscle weighs more than fat. so if you are working out a lot and don't see a tremendous weight loss, don't forget to check inches (that may be where the difference is visible).

a healthy amount of weight to lose per week is 1-2 pounds (2 pounds max though)

very good site for diet planning (and doing it the healthy way) below and it's FREE

If you eat salads that have some protein like chicken breast, nonfat cottage cheese, turkey, soybeans, etc then it would be a good diet. You can also throw in some pieces of fruit and nuts to make it more nutritionally complete. You'll also have to use low fat dressings. Many people think that salads are automatically low calorie but dressings can turn them into fatty high calorie meals.

You will easily lose 7lb in 2 weeks with the above diet and the exercise you're planning. NO CHEATING.

Good luck and drink a full glass of water before eating.

The salad and water are fine - as long as you add protein and fruit and vegies! Your body needs protein i.e. lean chicken, legumes (beans, etc) to be able to keep you going throughout your day.

If you don't eat properly, your workout won't be effective and you'll have trouble going the distance.

The exercises you list are weight bearing exercises which are excellent but you need some cardio in there too say, power walking, running or swimming.

Mix it up and you won't get bored.

Instead of trying to lose weight quickly by starving yourself, think of adopting a healthy eating and exercise plan that you can maintain. Even if you are able to lose weight with your plan, as soon as you start eating your usual diet, you will put the weight back on.

I manage my weight by eating everything in moderation (including chocolate!) and a daily exercise programme. I walk, swim, do weight bearing exercises, yoga and pilates. I aim for variety so I don't get bored and disheartened.

Good Luck.

Suzy Cutes
You'll lose fat, but you will also lose a lot of muscle, which will make you weak and your workouts both dangerous and ineffective.

You need protein, no matter what the source, or your body will start feeding on your own muscles for that protein. Salad alone has no protein. You must include dairy and meat, or if going vegetarian, a lot of beans and other sources of protein.

There is also the potential of your body thinking it is starving thereby holding onto fat tenaciously, or creating more fat.

Just cut down the fat intake, the number of calories and keep working out. Good muscle tone is the best thing there is for keeping metabolism up and fat off.

Stronger .
depends how much salad and what kind ....you can lose more than 7lbs in a week

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