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Will I lose weight by only eating 2 salads a day?
I'm doing a jumpstart diet on only eating salads (lettuce, italian dressing, cheese, grilled chicken, croutons and bacon bits)... i am 5'8" and 212 pounds. I was wondering how much weight I could lose if I ONLY eat this along with 8 glasses of water a day? Thanks alot!

Your mom is thinking of me

No you wont, exercise.

Skip the croutons they have lots of calories. Add some fruit...you need fruit. And replace the bacon bits with broccoli which has Calcium for your bones.

sorry that i'm not answering your question but i think you should go on this diet only if you really love salads. if not, you'll end up quitting this diet andsooner or later you'll weigh more than you do now.

wow you are going to make it and you will love yourself for it, green beans do not forget the greenbeans, lots and lots of water and your there,start taking vitamins now ! good luck

Be careful... the dressing contains a lot of calories unless it's diet. Also, water is good but you can get the liquid in other forms. I would alternate with some Healthy Choice soup. The can claims it has 2 servings but if you're not eating anything else, go for the whole can.

Chuck P
You need to start by detoxing your body, get rid of the sugars and carbs, then start eating 6 small meals per day. Don't eat salty or sweet foods, they increase your appetite. Exercise to help burn the calories. Your body is like your car, you put fuel in it, if the car sits in the drive way you don't burn the fuel, if you keep filling it up it will pour all over the driveway. Food is your fuel, you need to burn it, the more you burn it the more capable your body becomes in burning the new food, so it becomes easier to keep the weight off.

If you plan on eating two salads a day for the rest of your life then i say go ahead. If not, then don't be stupid and put yourself on a diet like that.

Once you lose weight and get off your "salad diet" you'll gain all the weight back and in a lot of cases, gain even more weight.

I'm sure you can eat more than that and still lose a significant amount of weight.

yeah you'll lose weight. But they will need to be big salads or you will make yourself sick by not eating much. Your body still needs nourishment and nutrition. Make sure you are taking multivitamins aswell then to mke up for teh vitamins you will be losing out of not eating a variety of good foods.
Why cant you just go on a healthy eating plan? eat 3-5 small meals a day, incorporating all good foods that will still give you all the vitamins your body needs to function properly? Fruits, veges, red meats, chicken, fish, salads, eggs. Eating all of these things in moderation will be a much more healthy way to lose weight. Buy the book called C.S.I.R.O Diet. Its awesome. It has your daily foods to eat and the weight falls off, honestly my mum did it and she lost so much weight.
Good luck anyway, i hope my information helped a bit.
Also, eating so little, you will lose the weight, but once you lost it and start eating normal again, the weight will just go straight back on. Sorry but its the truth.

thats probably not enough to eat in one day, so you would most likely gain weight. when your body is hungry, it starts feeding off of itself which makes you gain weight. so its probably not a good idea to only eat that.

The way I lose weight and keep it off is by eating lean cuisines, weight watchers or any other low fat, low calorie dinners you find in the freezer section. You can also add fruit for your snack. This method is easy because you can count all your calories easily. Fruit you just look up online. I also buy skinny cow chocolate ice cream bars, they are less than 80 calories each. You can use the chocolate bar as a reward for stay under your target calories for the day. Here is a website that will help you decide how may calories you can have a day and you can look up how many calories the food you are eating has.

Warren D
If this represents a drastic change in diet you should probably talk to your doctor and make sure you're getting the basic nutrition you need.

This diet should help you lose weight--how much will depend on your metabolism and some other things. I agree you should include exercise.

When you eat will probably be as important as how much you eat. You should probably make sure you get a good breakfast, even it it's melba toast and water. Your doctor will probably be able to suggest what's best.

Don't starve yourself. If you feel sick or overly weak on this diet change it immediately.

Good luck.

Gian D
You should eat more than 2 salads a day. Your body will go into starvation mode. Your body will wonder when it will get the next meal and try to store everything as fat. You will eventually lose the weight. But as soon as you change your diet you'll gain more back later. Try eating 3 to 4 small meals a day. That sure beats just eating salad. Plus you'll get tired of eating salad all the time.

Don't do it...you'll gain it all back. I'd do 2 salads, ditch the fatty toppings, and eat your dinner as normal. Eat breakfast everyday and have veggies for snacks. Not eating may help you at first, but it will hurt your metabolism.

So many things depend on that. Like your metabolism and how much physical activity you have each day. But yes, this should help. You will most likely be hungry during the day though. Drink 100% juices if you get hungry, but don't overdo it. Being as active as you can helps too. Also chewing gum will SAVE YOUR LIFE lol. If you feel hungry but you know you shouldn't, pop in some extra sugar free gum.

First off, that's pretty boring. Love your food!

You will probably lose weight, but you need to make sure you're getting at least 1200 calories per day. Less than that and your metabolism will slow to a crawl.

What would be better would be to eat six times per day to keep the metabolism revved all the time, but small meals each time. You never want to be hungry because you'll be tempted to give up and cheat. I love sunflower seeds because they're cheap protein. I eat salads with nuts and fruit in it, tuna, chicken, lots of fruit and vegetables, but mostly I need protein. I am not out there to lose a lot of weight, but eating this way keeps me stable at 5'6, 124 pounds with (sadly) exercise only a couple times per week.

you might end up consuming more calories that way! So you wouldn't lose weight.

Lose the croutons, beacon bits, cheese and Italian dressing!
Instead: Soy beacon bits (Little to not fat depending on the brand). and use a vinegar to flavor your salad...I like a white wine vinegar with a little sugar added to it.

Don't eat iceberg it's loaded with water and holds no nutritional value. Dark leafy greens are the answer. Vinagerette is much better choice than creamy dressings. Cut the bacon and use the leanest cuts of chicken. But you need more than two salads to survive. Watch your calories. If your really going to essentially starve yourself do yourself a favor and take a multi-Vitamin DAILY! Do drink 8, 8 ounce glasses of water. No cheese on the salad either. Empty calories are not going to help you get to your goal. Try lean chicken, fish, and lots of veggies. It's not about eating like a rabbit it's about eating healthy and eating less. Good luck.

You could lose alot at first but later your body will go into starvation mode and you could actually GAIN weight. You need to fuel your body by eating throughout the day. I think you should add some more veggies to the salad, eat breakfast and two small snacks. Also, add some exercise to your day, even if it's something a simple as a 30 minute walk.
If you do this right, it's likely to last a lifetime.

bobby b
nope actually you would gain weight because you would be thinkin about loosing weight so the strees will make u gain it..
what u should do is eat regular meals and just run 1 mile everyday and drink 1 gallon of water everyday and just increase it like every 2 weeks..

Kelly s
I went to a doctor and now take Phentermine. It not a miracle drug but allows me to have the energy I need and suppresses my appetite. I am restricted to 1200-1400 calories. You have to excercise too. I stay full for a very long time. So far I have lost 11-12 pounds and hope to be down to 125 by next year. Salads are well and good but you might get tired with eating the same thing everyday. I can eat anything as many times as I want, but I can't eat as much as I want. It might help you if you write everything you eat down and how many calories you have consumed. Drink as much water as possible too. This is good. You don't want to starve yourself. Also, you would have to look at how many calories and things are in dressing, croutons and bacon bits. If you want to eat two salads a day, eat them with a meal. Your body needs at least 1000 calories to function. Otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and you will have a hard time losing weight. Just be aware of your portions and what goes in your body and mouth. I only know this because I am working hard to reach my 125 weight goal in a year. I have 100 pounds to go.

yes but you also risk malnutrition. Just watch your calorie intake and cut the sncaks and sodas....you'll be fine.

Yes you will lose weight, but not in a healthy manner. Honestly you will suffer. You'll get bored with it, and you'll be hungry. Two slads will not be enough to sustain yuou, plus you need more meat than some chicken. Don't forget to eat breakfast either. You should eat the most then so you have enough energy for the day, and the food you eat earlier is burned off. To loose weight healltily and happily, eat in moderation, cut out highly fattening foods (there are always better alternatives), don't eat after, say, 7;30 at night (or a set time, because you only gain the weight from food eaten at night since you sleep instead of working it off) AND EXCERCISE!!!

Salad is good food but make sure you eat enough. Eating properly is key. You should combine a healthy diet and plenty of exercise for the best outcome.

At first you will loose 5lb in a week then about 2lb the next week and perhaps the following weeks, but once you stop you'll put it all back on because your metabolism will be to slow because it would have only been used to digesting such small amounts of food.

Syd M
Don't starve yourself! It's not healthy! Eat three courses a day -- salad being dinner or lunch -- and drink lots of water. But instead of starving, EXCERCISE!!! That helps more than starving yourself!

Of course you'll lose quite a bit of weight that way! ANYONE would lose weight eating so little! The problem is as soon as you start eating normally again, you'll gain all of the weight back and more. You need to eat a balanced daily diet to lose weight, not some insane crash diet.

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