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angela j
Why am i hardly ever hungry?
i can go upto 3days without feeling hungry

It could just be that you have slow metabolism. You could be anorexic also. You can not survive like that. It is terrible on your body. I would strongly recommend that you see your doctor and discuss this problem with him/her.

Puppy fat?

because you never stop eating "fatty"

1st Uget D Moni
You could be suffering from too many RedBull syndrome.

perhaps you should lay of the crank and pick up the bong

Lucky cow!!!

are you in love? the old folks would say a person who's not eating is in love. however even if you dont feel hungry you should eat something due to all of your energy comes from what you eat and drink.

Maybe a very slow metabolic rate? The more often you eat small portions the more you speed up your metabolic rate thus making you more hungry. Not eating for three days is extremely bad for your digestive system body groth and your mental health. Try to force yourself to eat a portion of food (the size of your hand) every three hours or so throughougt your waking day!
Good Luck.... Kev

i think it`s because you have an eating disorder? get help soon

metabolism is probably slow, but you gotta eat anyways.

♠ ♣ ♦ ♥ BLACKJACK ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠
Wow you posess magical powers!

At least you will never be fat.

Eat anyway.

In this heat is understandable not to want to eat. As long as you getting the calories you need in liquid form that is okay.

Well, lay off the Methamphetamine and you will probably recover. LOL! !!!!! Hey, you may even get fat! :)

eat somthing fruit, crackers. a small sandwwich.............depression, slow/poor metabolism will cause low appitite

me 2......its probably coz u dont move around enough..

or u just drink a lot of water 2 fulfill ur hunger..

Water doesn't all ahve da vitamins u need 2 survive.....

Eat diff kind of foods..

Ur hardly hungry coz if u dont eat a lot, ur stomach shrinks preventing u from eating lots.

Maybe you don't use enough energy, get out more and do lots of walking etc.

are u stress... if yes, you will not feel hungry..
but, you must eat..If not at least drink some milk...

jhony bravo
drink more water and make ur body exercise daily for atleast 1 hour that will make u eat more and maintain fitness

try eatin jus small amounts every so often instead of big meals or set meals , even if its jus a bowl of cerial or summat , little n often is better than large amounts .

peter gunn
can be due to a slow metabolism. (this can be a permanent or temporary disorder)
Can be due to eating habits eating a lot of fat,sugar or fibre tend to slow your digestive system down.
Can be a nervous disorder . where the nerve receptors in your stomach have problems communicating with your brain(can be caused by stress)

Michael B
Thats like a concept from another universe to me, cuz I am hungry 24/7. Even after I get full, I am hungry 10 minutes later every time. So I guess I didn't answer your question, but I wanted to say something.

y would u go 3 days without eating!!! eat some pies

ailbhe r
jesus your lucky lol i wish i never felt hungry. but your shud really eat any way even if its just an apple of something

coz u have 'anarixia'

soare S
i got a question for you .. do you smoke ? if the answer is yes that's probably the problem ... and quit ... If the answer is no probably the metabolism is to blame

Sir Sandwich Slayer
Is it possible that you eat enough food? I have not felt hungry in a few months.

I am exactly the same and have been for years.Try and get a smoothie maker,put lots of different fresh fruits in and get it down you.Also go to your health shop and get seeds.pumpkin and sunflowers seeds.They are excellent for you.I know it is not great,but spinach is a superfood.a wonderfood.eat that raw.We must have a slow metabolism.A fter 2 or 3 days I can eat a good meal,and have a good munch of rubbish.we have to be disciplined,it is difficult.my partner is always worried about me.my kids are used to me dishing up 3 meals and me picking at things.for example if they have fish chips and peas,I will while they are at the table sit and eat some peas from the pot.It is bizarre.My partner will ask when did you last eat?I have to sit and think about it.Unless I remember,I wouldnt bother.It is like an eating disorder,but not deliberate.Sometimes the thought of a meal turns my stomach,I think my stomach has shrunk,yours too.

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