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Which part of the egg is bad for you? the yellow? or white?

none of the egg is bad for you

the yolk, however, has a lot of cholesterol--but it's good to eat one a day. don't overdo it though--it can build up cholesterol in your system over time if you do more than one a day

the egg is one of nature's best and most nutritious foods
enjoy them =) egg whites you can eat guilt free

I've seen Hulk Hogan on tv and he eats 24 eggs a day, but only the white. So i guess its probably the yellow thats bad. It all depends on how much you like Hulk Hogan though!

Technically the yolk has more fat and cholesterol, but eggs are so healthy for you and full of protein, it outweighs the risks, IMO.

both are full of colesterol

both if your alergic to eggs


all is good

I hear that it is the white. Some people say you should limit the amount of eggs you eat in general -- I don't know just why.

The yolk is where the cholesterol is found.

THE SHELL....i almost needed the Heimlich one time...

Neither is bad in moderation, both are bad in excess. The yolk or yellow part however does contain high saturated fat while the white is predominantly protein. The yolk does however contain things like riboflavin that are very important to eat and are quite difficult to find elsewhere in your diet.

If you have no problem take full egg.It will digest.But if you donot want to put on weight ,having BP or cholestrol ,you may discard yellow portion(containining sodium and fats)

♥♫i luv♥♫juicy fruit♥♫gum
The yolk. I think it has a lot of sodium in it.

Martin S
No part of the egg is "bad" for you. The yellow portion has more fat is all. You just have to eat a balanced diet in the right proportions to maintain good health. There are no "bad" foods, just bad eating habits unless of course you include processed foods that might have chemicals added to them or something like that.

Neither! Both have different nutrients in them that make them supirior to health! Please dont SHUN any part of an egg.....but do limit egg yolks because they tend to have a lot of fat! (but it is good fat)

the egg yolk yellow is horrible for you the best is egg whites, lots of protein and none of the fat



The yellow part has cholesterol, if that is a problem for you. Otherwise it is fine.

Djembe J
It is a misconception that the yolk is bad for you because it contains "cholesterol." Not only is it false that consuming cholesterol (at least in moderation) raises cholesterol - your body produces less the more you eat, and more the less of it you eat - but the very concept that high cholesterol is bad for you - as a general rule - is utterly false. We know, in fact, that low cholesterol can INCREASE the risk of cancer and stroke....go figure.

The yolk also contains essential fatty acids like Dha, without which we can't live. The yolk has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and many other essential nutrients not found in the white.

Didn't you say you were a vegetarian?

Yellow-Yellow Durty Fellow

Scott R

Michael T

Part Time Cynic
My 3-year old can eat the yolks but the egg white gives her a violent skin reaction when i test it on her belly. So i'm not gonna find out what it does to her insides and i will say the white for the purpose of your question.

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