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Ayesha M
What would you consider underweight, overweight and normal for a girl who is 5'4 ?
I'm 18 years old by the way about to be 19 in October.

What weight is underweight for 5'4 and overweight and normal?

1) ?

Thanks. I just want to be safe.

Devin R
my gf is 5'4 97lbs and she is not underweight or over weight she is very good

Maybe underweight would be: under than 35 or 40
Overweight: Over 95 or 100
I hope this helps!
P.S. I using my little sis who is about this height.

Safe from WHAT??? If you weigh less than 100 pounds...that would probably be low...about 110 sounds about right for you.
130 would be pushing it for a girl.

I'm about to be 18 by the end of this month. I'm 5'5 and I weigh about 115 pounds.

1) under 105 pounds
2) 110-130 pounds
3) over 130 pounds


it all depends on your body type but i think that:
1. underweight 90
2. overweight 140
3.110-125 range

lets see--
underweight--around 100ish and lower
normal--around 105-125ish
overweight--140 and over

Julie C
I would think probally ahh 132

My Dads A Doctor And He Said The Average Weight For A Female At 5'4 Is 110-120

Go to google.com and search BMI calculator
it has you tell them your height and weight
and it calculates if your underweight/normal/overweight/ or obese. It really helps I go look at my BMI all the time. :)

hope I helped

Normal 120-130
Overweight 135+

1)under 115
2) 120 normal
3) over 128

I'm also 5'4 and fight to keep my weight on. Doctors have told me this for years, so thats how I know

1. less than 110
2. over 130

Jay E
That depends on a number of factors other than just age and height. For instance both my friend Kate and I are female, 25 and 5'3". We're both very physically active, train together 4 nights a week at the gym and are quite fit. Kate is a runner and I play hockey. Now I'm 132 lbs and she is 115 and by no means is either one of us "over or underweight". Difference is in body type, where I'm more muscle (think of a square), Kate is thin and lean (like a pole). For our body type both of us are "normal".
To further add to the above is the fact that adipose weighs less than muscle. To highlight this we'll take another woman whom I shall call Sylvie. Now Sylvie is the same age as Kate and I, but at 135 lbs is considered overweight because her body type is the same as Kate's and yet has 20 more lbs of fat. To make the whole thing even more complicated race also plays a role in the equation as bone density differs across the board, with Africans having higher density, Asians lower and Caucasian somewhere in the middle.
As you can see it's not entirely correct to assume there is a magical weight at which all people can be considered "underweight," "normal" or "overweight". You can always turn to the BMI, or body fat test as a gage, but those run into the same problems I've outlined above (they can tweak the results based on stats, but my point is they're not perfect either).
I know it's not the answer you're looking for, but I wanted to make it clear that you're asking a question that does not have a simple answer.
To Timetravellingbunny
Yes I meant to say Sylvie has 20 lbs more than Kate, which for the body type is significant and much more than 15% body fat (it's closer to 32%, which I know because that's where my friend Kate started out 4 yrs ago). Your numbers are based purly on a fat vs weight calculation assuming Kate is at 0%, which is not how body fat percentage is calculated. The whole point was to illustrate how body type can change what is considered overweight, normal and underweight based on muscle vs fat load, not get into number crunching and a tutorial on how to calculate body fat percentages.

shannon W
I am 5'4'' and according to Army standards...

Underweight: 103
Overweight: 133

Normal? I don't know... let's say 115-120 or so.

-3 anything under 60 =dead
-2. anorexic 60-74
-1.thin 75-86
0.skinny 87-104
1. underweight would be anything under 105lbs
2. normal would be 106-129
3.overweight 130-147
5.obese 171+

"Normal" is what ever you want it to be. As for healthy I would say a girl your height would be good at about 120-125 over weight probably over 150, under weight i would say 115 or lower

veronica p
it all depends on your frame size. small frame=normal 114-127 lbs., medium 124-138 lbs., and large 134-151 lbs. anything over or under would fall into the overweight and underweight catergory.

well im in a nutrition class right now and i just learned that after one hundred pounds u add five pounds for each inch...ex: ur 5'4'' u should weigh 120 pounds... and that is the lowest amount u should weigh to be healthy. the biggest should be about 135

thtgirlmiranda ☮♥
if you weigh 120, you're little.
if you weight 135, you're still looking good.
150 is where you'd be fat.

V x3

John M
you need to go by something called body mass index. It's best determined either by a process that includes immersion to measure volume displacement and other techniques, or can be reasonably approximated by a method that includes using a caliper to measure the amount of fat at various places on your body. You need a trained person to perform this measure accurately

I was a high school wrestler, in outstanding physical condition, no fat, but plenty of muscle and a deep chest and broad shoulders. The weight charts said I was 30 lbs over weight. They do not work for anyone but the most typical average frame, and its not at all obvious to the untrained eye who has an average frame.

So please, check with a competent professional regarding your goal weight. It's bad for your health to be underweight as well as overweight.

What you really need to do is go to your doctor or nutritionist and speak to them. Everyone's body dimensions are different. Unless you show a picture of your stature, no one will be able to determine your specified size. I am a trainer and also 5'4. Due to my stalky stature, my weight should be between 135 to 147. I think that is a little high, but to tell you the truth, I went down to 121 and people were concerned. So, don't take a non-licensed individuals perspective, speak to a professional.

120-130 is perfectly great and my b-day is on October too more than that is sometimes overweight but it depends on you! you know more than about your self than me!:)

Just some girl...
1) 95 or less

2) 150 or more

3) 115-130

Obviously it varies with frame size & muscle mass, but a general range for 5ft4 would be:

Underweight: Less than 110lb
Normal weight: 110lb-140lb
Overweight: Over 140lb

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