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Amanda T
What helps you go to the bathroom ?
haha, well i can go sometimes but if i dont go for a few days my stomach hurts soo bad and then i have to take laxatives. the only problem is i never know when the pills are gonna kick in. anything i can eat to go easier ?

There are some natural herbs they are called in spanich Hojas de Sen (Sen leafs)
Help you and probaly eleminate the problem
searched in your supermarket spanisch section or ask somebody who works there

good question with same problem here...
even if i eat fiber i don't go...sometimes i can go for a week without going...it hurts so bad that it hurts my kidneys too...
My doctor prescibed me some pills that i had to take everyday...but i didn't take them...as 2 was not enough and i am not good at swollowing pills...i had to take 3 big pills and wait till the morning to go...
i did not find anything yet and i will try some of the suggestions on here! lol
plum juice could work but it tastes so awfull that i almost puked...that's what my grandpa drinks and he has a meeting with the toilet every morning...
go see your doctor, it could be serious...you can try Metamucil
not bad but it thickens and you can choke if you don't follow the instructions...lol
and then benefibre which i use to get more fiber...it doesn't help either...lol
apple juice, won't work for me, will only give me cramps...
but seriously if you can swollow pills tell your doctor and they are good, you will go to the bathroom and you will empty yourself...lol
and they are not regular laxatifs, it's a treatment...
it's like Senokot something like that but not the one on the shelf at the store...

I forgot to mention that i am like that since i've been pregnant with my daughter and she is going to be 5 in 3 months...so believe me i feel your pain, i don't have one day that i feel good inside my body...always feel full and bloated...so i am gonna say it again, don't be silly like me and do something about it, your body will need laxasives everytime if you do that... good luck!

ღ olufunmi ღ
well it depends .. for me eating dairy products or any nuts makes me go

Yes there is, try loads of fibre! That WILL help you alot. Plenty of the good stuff vegetables, also drink plenty of water aswell.
You should see your doctor, will probarly just be your diet but he/she will be able to give you better laxatives that won't have you in fear of when/where they will hit!
Something like Lactulose, its a stool Softener, it doesn't make you run to the toilet or have diarrhea. It softens eveything making it easier and less painful to pass aswell as making you regular.
Constiation can be unpleasent and sore as you explained but can cause other problems too and nasty things like fissures and piles from straining too much.
Definetley worth seeing one if the fibre, veg and water doesn't improve.

hope your better soon, take care

Punch flavored Rock Star. TRUST ME!

bran flakes helps, & fiber chews

jogging 4 miles

Fiber. fresh fruits and veggies help keep your system moving. I also take a daily supplement type thing. you mix it with your drinks called Benefiber. this really helps just to keep you regular. Drink lots of water too. Be careful though.. you could have some inestinal/colon issues. if the problem or pain gets worse see your doctor asap.

jared g
cranberry juice!!

eat fruits. fruits are digested quite easily, and i think it helps with getting things out too.

fiber oatmeal...............

Medea G
fiber, broccoli, grains, and take stool Softener, not laxatives.

Happy Poop Day.

blueberry yum yum!
eat plenty of fiber in your diet on a regular basis, most people get less than 10 grams a day adn you are supposed to have about 25 or so.. it is very important to the digestive system. they have tasteless fiber you can mix into food, or find foods with enough fiber content in it. it is rather difficult for some people... any foods with skins like fruits and veggies have fiber

airlines charge for the seat.
Eat lots of Fiber foods, green leafy veggies, and drink lots of water besides your other food. Too much starch food without the above mentioned will not clean you out.

Raely M
Corn syrup can help. You need to start drinking more liquids too. But you do need to go see a doctor hun. It is not healthy...

Laxatives are very bad for you. Buy the book, "Skinny *****" if you want some fun 'pooping' reading. Laxatives disrupt your bodies natural laxatives. Easy food laxatives=cherries, plums, any fruit (anything with HIGH FIBER) and drink a lot of water.

It's really about the fiber and water.

Oh man, girl we have the same problem. Here's what you should eat:

- Frosted mini wheats
- Raisin Bran
- One orange each day
- Spinach
- Yogurt. Lots of it.

The other thing that helps me is taking these chewable Benefiber tablets, at least one a day - even when you go regularly it's good to take these. Basically avoid cheese, and if you do eat cheese, take a GasX pill to calm down your stomach.

Hope that helps! Feel better.

EDIT: after reading some of the replies, I found some answers that are very wrong. LOL. Avoid bread and mexican food, seriously, that will constipate you up even more. The person who said "fiber and water" is absolutely right though.

beach blanket babe
yes you need lots of foods that are fiberous, like veggies and fruits,and lets not forget,lots of water.get a box of prunes and pick on them instead of chips and candy,this should get things movin in a hurry!

You need fiber. Go to the store and get Benefiber powder, its tasteless and odorless and it dissolves in anything. So you can take it with the normal food you eat and drink on a daily basis! Just read the instructions if that doesn't work see a doctor.

Coffee!! Krystal Burger or White Castle (wherever you live) should do the trick too. :)

eat proons.. believe me it really helps. it is kind of dry fruit. but its really very good. and it is consider as ayurveda medicine. you can buy from any grocery store

lots of bread( to help digest your system) and liquids (to help your stomach ease through)

plenty of fruit, veggies and fiber in your diet and drink lots of liquids.

fiber helps....lots of fiber
and there is some fiber crackers you can buy that arnt laxitives but they help you go. they worked for me.
try to find apple cinnimon flavored fiber crackers

I came across this great product for weight loss (all nautral) and it was excellent for me (it's a detox colon cleanse). Together with a good diet and exercise I am finally happy with my body and the way I look. You should check this product at
http://more-slender.us , they have a free trial and you only pay $4.95 shipping and handling. A must!

Lady K
Fruits and fruit juices...prunes should help. Try to stay away from un-natural things like laxatives. Eating a healthy well-balanced diet should help some. Good luck.

I agree with talk to your doctor. It could be a physical or emotional ailment - as in caused by stress.

However, the best remedy is healthy diet. It plenty of natural Fiber - plenty of vegetables, fruit, and drink lots of water. Within a couple weeks, if you're alright physically, you'll be alright - unless you have some chronic affliction.

But pay attention to the general rule of thumb - five servings fruits, five serving vegetables a day, and seven (or 8 - not positive) glasses water.

Eat lots of fruit and veggies. Prunes are excellent at helping you go, the same as raisins. Drink lots of water that helps with constipation.

Look for food that is rich on fiber and try getting fiber supplements from the pharmacy to help you regulate easier.

Activia yogurt is also great!

Applesauce helps. Seriously.

eat better, go to the doctor, or eat mexican food. :]

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