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 If I only eat Ham and Cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on a Roll everyday the whole day?
Just ONE SANDWICH the whole day. Just That. Am I gonna get fat?

I will only eat during lunch. I will eat around 2:30 pm and that's the end of it. By the time i get home from work, I&#...

 Help! I need a low fat sweet.?
Anyone know of something sweet that low fat i can eat? i dont mean a yogurt or somehting I mean sweet. like a cake-y something....

 Boyfriend doesn't want me to lose weight?
I was losing weight over the summer and my bf made a comment that I needed to slow down b/c he doesn't want a skinny girl but I was 180 and 5ft. 9 (size 13) I would like to be 145lbs but I am ...

 TOO skinny?
im 5'7 1/2 and weigh 85lbs do you think im underweight or normal??? thanx <3
Additional Details
im 15 almost 16...

 What if you just ignore your hunger pains?
how long will it take for them to go away? please no lectures or silly answers. i just need the facts thank you. like if you have done a fast, how long does the hunger bother you?...

 Can I ask women a question. What is this thing you have got about chocolate?
I have had some chocolate in my cupboard since last xmas. As a man I can go a month or two without eating a single piece of chocolate. It is so sickly. (and fattening)...

 I desperately is trying to lose weight.....If I eliminate breads and sweets for about two weeks,?
How much weight should I lose?...

 How can I get skinny?
I'm 15 and I'm around 5ft 6 1/2''. I'm usually just over 8st. I'm usually around a size 8. I really want to be 7 and a half stone. I tried not eating after 5 o'...

 I'm 14, 5'4", and 139 lbs... am I overweight?
I don't eat junk food or anything, but I think I'm kinda on the higher end of the "average" because I drank a lot of milk and consumed a lot of dairy products as a kid. Um, I run ...

 Can anyone tell me, How to handwash dishes using washing up liquid?

 I just feel disgustingly fat and I just want to feel comfortable enough with my body to wear shorts. help me?
I am 16
115-120 lbs
5' 5''/6''
I need to lose weight FAST
I dont' care if it involves starving myself, I just need to feel pretty.
I just hate ...

 Is quitting all animal products and becoming a vegan good for your health?

 Verrryy Hungryy... HELP!
Okay so i'm on a diet (trying to get a flat tummy & smaller hips) but i have not eaten any food today (i woke up at 6 am) and i feel like i'm going to faint. What should I eat that'...

 Why do most people have no idea how to eat properly?
when i went to school (grade school and high school) we had a diet and nutrion classes. Did no one else have these classes?...

 Tricks Of The Trade!! ({[DiEtiNG]})?
I'm not fat i just have a little excesse baggage && am ready to get rid of it!! i just wnt to know your "methods" or "tricks"!!...

 Is cocacola zero bad for you? Why?

 Why am i always hungry?
Hi all, I would like to know why I am always hungry. I am 21 years old, korean, and I am 5'7'' and weigh 130 and I eat well. Only thing I don't get is exercising. Also I have ...

 Since my mom won't let me diet, how can I drop 10 lbs. without my mom knowing I'm dieting?

 I have been constipated fro about 5 days, and have tried drinking water and eating a lot of fiber...?
Is there anything else i could be doing? would rather not take a ...

 Im almost 5'5 i weigh 120, is that too much??

Additional Details
im also 15 by the way, i dont know if that ...

What happens if I eat too many eggs, and how many is that ?

Additional Details
So many answers..

so little information :(

Eating too much of anything is bad, even if it´s brocoli. Eggs are filled with fat, cholesterol and animal protein, they´re really bad for you, so it´s better to not eat them at all. Too many eggs is 1, or even half

you will turn into a chicken

My banana in your republic
well they suggest for middle aged men to not eat more than 6 eggs a week because of cholesterol

i think the old thinking of not more than 3 or 4 eggs a week's already outdated? we'r able to eat eggs at liberty provided for those that doesnt have health implications in the first place to begin with.

im taking like 6 eggs aday though... and a good source of protein for me. :)

anyone agrees with me? even seems like the health pyramid's been proven outdated? ...

You will have really high cholesterol.

GURU - Gee yoU aRe yoU
Well if you eat too much of anything you'll vomit and only you know what your limit is.

Hypothetically, if you eat nothing but eggs for a long extended period of time you may find that you will have related problems, such as poor health due to the lack of esstenial vitamins.

His mommy
You shold only eat a couple per week. They really aren't that good for you. And they give some people gas :) try egg whites only!

i luv cartman

high Cholesterol?

youll turn into a chicken

Cool Hand Luke ate 50 so I'm guessing one more -
Actually I wouldn't eat any more that 3 but that is me. I think 10 maybe in the unsafe range.

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
You will probably get hella gas, and you will probably throw up.. How many is too many dunno that, and never want to know personally..

you will have gas

Too many eggs?? haha thats beautifully random. Umm i would say that you would have the runs, and youd b pretty full. And umm too many would probly b like 5 but like to make you have the runs would b like 7 or 8.

high cholesterol for sure.. how many? i dont know, but if you love it so much then eat just one every other day

more than 2 a day is too much. if you even do that, you shouldnt do it every day. will raise your cholesterol

you will have a baby chic jkjk lol probably not good for you

I wouldn't want to be squatting behind you in exercise class.

You will slowly turn into a chicken. Probably totally in 3 days.
But don't worry, you will still be able to eat your babies.


ur gonna start laying eggs:)

um, nothing, but it's bad to eat a lot of eggs (well the yolks at least) becuase they have a lot of cholesterol.

i found out recently that you should only eat one or two eggs a week. not good for me i love eggs and eat loads lol

kiss me ♥
you will have high cholesterol an your farts will smell really bad lol!

lil bill 7
2 eggs have 300 mg of cholesterol, which is supposed to be the healthy daily allowance for cholesterol. So I guess don't eat more than 2 a day...

You'll turn iinto an egg.

And it's one egg.

take out the yolk, b/c the yolk is the cholest

Eggs have a lot of cholesterol. Every body is different. One of the things that seems to hurt people is what they eat with the eggs. If you eat too many eggs, your cholesterol level is going to increase and that will increase the chances of you having a heart attack. Let's say you want to eat a lot of eggs. Just use 1 whole egg and then just use the egg whites on the rest of the eggs. I scramble mine. The yellow yolk is where the majority of the cholesterol is.

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