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 Is this a very, very bad diet?
people are telling me, and they are seriouse, that i am showing signs or anorexia.

to day i was told that i only took in about 654 calories

a hot dog bun<...

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 What should I eat at 10:30 at night?
I get so hungry always around then..
so what should I do to stop my rumbling stomach? :S
SHould I ...
a) eat (eat what?)
b) don't eat
c) something else.


 I'm 89 pounds and 5'4 tall am i fat?
I no
its a stupid question!
But do you think I am?
What is a good way to loose weight
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What foods are good for making the bowels move?
Is it milk, yogurt, meat...what is it that enables your bowels to move?

toma toes
anything packed with fiber such as bran cereal or fig newtons. oh, and mcdonald mcflurries..guranteed number 2-doer.

..oh, that's just me?

to me fibre..anything packed with alot of fibre..like breads...etc..o ya n prunes...and if u really want u get ur bowels 2 move..drink LOTZ N LOTZ OF WATER! My doctor says it helps to lossen up waste so that it cud move freely....hope this anwser was helpful

Id say chocolatemilk.Instant mashed potatos.Squash.

Eduard S
Bananas, Milk...




bananas and tea!! lots of fruits - spinach!

Eat jello-stuff like cheese, jelly, along with milk and jam.these are very helpful,you may also ask your doctor for prescription of some medicines for food.And please, if you can, please select my answer as best.


Dr. Karen
Generally fruits, grains and vegetables will help. Milk products work the opposite!

World Cup

bottom line to make ya crap...you can do the obvious...eat prunes or drink prune juice...also any food high in fiber will make you feel full and also make ya crap....certain cereals especially...good luck

Fruits and veggies high in fiber. Avoid Bananas, Rice, Apples , and Toast. Mostly avoid white stuff with the exception of popcorn.
Metamucil has these cookie things that help my kids when they boycot the veggies and get bound up.

fruits and veggies

Deb t
Fruits and vegetables. Make sure you are getting enough water as well. Prunes or prune juice are very good to try. U might also try to increase the fiber in ur diet. Bran cereals are good for doing that. Make sure u are getting enough exercise to keep things going well.Lettuce is also a good one; many people find that helpful

S.A.M. Gunner 7212
Heat up a can of green beans and make 'em salty. Drink all the juice. Wait 5 minutes then run for the bathroom !

Prunes have always been what people eat for bowel movements, but apple juice can also help. If you don't like prunes, you can mix apple juice and prune juice together. Also I have heard that coffee will also cause you to be regular.

Milk and meat are not the choice.It may not be what you are eating,but the lack of drinking water.You should be drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water per day.That sounds like a lot of water, I know but that's what they say.And drinking water is good for you.Not coffee and soda[pop]. Drink some prune juice 1glass it will make you go.but water will make you regular.Instead of running to the bathroom like prunes.

Cereals high in fiber,vegetables like spinach,or other types of greens,prunes,either cooked or raw(about 6-10) and prune juice,at least 12 oz followed by a couple of cups of strong black coffee

any fruits and vegies. there called a rough'g. it will make u regualr, and help ur bowels moving. dont eat/drink, anything that has milk if u have problems with having a BM. these things wil ONLY constipate u. i have IBS (irratale Bowel Syndrom) and i know what foods to eat and what foods not to eat. milk products are very hard for ur stomach to digest, it will also give u more gas too. Good Luck ♥
DONT eat a lot of fiber, this will only blug u up. u can eat SOME fiber, but not a lot of it @ one time or within that one week!! there are certain fibers to avoid and others that ur body needs. the ones u need are Soluable fibers, that is what u will find in Metamucil caps or powder, and things like that. the bad fibers are like in white bread, bananas / ANYTHING that has a stringy type "body" is not good for ur stomach when trying to have a BM. for example like Celery. Papya's are VERY VERY good for ur stomach!

Foods with fibre eg fruit and veg mostly.
Meat has zero fibre and moves slowly thru the tubes. Dairy is not advisable as a bowel mover.
Also 2 litres of water a day.
Move that body every day that's right exercise

If the plumbing is not working still get into psyllium-1tsp in water

Jay Jay
Fruit is good...as is Yakult, a cultured dairy drink.

Molly D
Milk,yogurt and meat can actually have the reverse effect. You should stick to high fiber foods like vegetable, fruit, and whole grains. The fiber in the food is mostly indigestible therefore causes you to move your bowels.


Ripe papaya. Without fail.

Zilf Bambi
Coffee with either banana or papaya in the morning.

Coffee in the morning keeps me regular, thank you very much. Apparently, I am not alone. A simple net-search reveals that coffee produces a gastrolic reflex, that causes a person to need to move their bowels.

Fish Master
Heard of a fruit call Guava? Not only is good for bowels move, it got high fiber, no sugar content and non fat. Another alternatives will be prunes juice

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