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David Juior J
What does kg mean???
When I'm lifting weights my friend sad, ''Your only lifting 60kg''? ....what does that mean?? the amount of weight. Thanks 10 poitns easy =]
Additional Details
Details Please.

kilograms. Look at google for the conversion of kg to lbs

I think 1lb = 2.2kg, but I'm not sure...

kilograms lol

A kg is a kilogram or 1000 grams. 1 Kilogram = 2.20462 Pounds


Barb Outhere
Kg is short for kilogram. A kilogram is just over 2 pounds.

jennifer h
Kilos or kilograms yes the amount of weight


It means, 132.277357 lbs. Just for you :)


kilograms its the abbreviation for it

Knick A
Yup. Its the weight. One Kg is a little over two pounds

kg means kilograms. maybe on the sides of your weights it said 60kg and he was reading that. I'm not sure how many pounds that is, sorry.

KG refers to kilogram which is equivalent to 2.2pounds. It is a metric weight measurement system. To find out how much you are lifting, you multiply60 by2.2 which will give you roughly 132pounds I hope this helps you.

Zoey Heart
Kilograms, it's the metric measurement.


kevin garnett.just kiddin kilograms



kg= kilograms.
and yes, it's a unit of weight measurement.


tom g
kg = 2.2 pounds
2.2 times 60kg =132 pounds


Alex M
kgs means kilograms

that means you were lifting about 132.277 pounds

metric system weight kilogram which converts 60 kg to about 132 or 133 pounds.

One kilogram is 2.2 pounds. So sixty kg is 132 pounds.

But you asked what that meant. That meant that you're a wuss. I'm sorry, but that's what he was saying. Are you sure he's your friend? Just saying...

d g
kilogram. 1 kilogram is equalivent to 2.2 pounds.

1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

60 kilograms x 2.2 lb/kg= 132 pounds

2.2lbs = 1kg (kilogram)
132lbs = 60kg


1kg = 2.2046226Ib pounds

Kilograms. but in alot gyms the bar weighs 20kg on its own

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