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really skinny girls
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Do you think it is possible to loose 45 pounds in 6 months?

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when i was 8 i was told i was underweight ive gained 35 stone is that enough?
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actually im 41 ...

 Am i fat :)?
IM 5'7'' and i wight 110.7
im totaly fat right?


 If a drink had 0 calories, can u still gain weight from it?
its like a crbonated fruite drink, it has 0 calories...and basicly 0 everything...can u still gain weight from it?

or like diet soda?...

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oh and I am 5-5...

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93 honda accord ex
What can i eat a lot of and not gain weight?

water. diet coke. perhaps carrots & Celery.

piano guy
food without carbs



Ron Y
One thing that will help you lose weight: diet pills. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few. The best product I found on the market is made with pure hoodia and it works great! You can go to
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I am sure there is nothing you can eat alot of and not gain weight. Maybe some vegetables and some fruits but dont know the exact ones.

Celery has negative calories. It takes more energy to absorb into your body than it gives. So, some say that it actually helps you to lose weight.

um nothing. You have to balance your diet to help you loose weight

glenda w
The Cabbage Soup Diet

pickles :]

fruits vegies that stuff


eeeasy!! looots of fruit aaand vegetables, fruits better 'cause they're more delicious but ofc, u should eat carbohidrates, but eat them whole, much better for ur health, and drink loooots of water, i'm talking about 3 lt a day, u'll see it works ;)

Religious Nonsense
light popcorn. Ricecakes

great question...Celery...it takes more calories to chew it then than the vegetable actually has....so therefore it has negative calories....so you can eat until your hearts content

melissa m
rice cakes

Celery!! You burn calories by just eating it!

Drink water before you eat a meal. That way, you won't eat as much because you'll be full. Fruits and vegetables are healthy and don't carry too much calories. Avoid drinking sodas, food high in sugar, etc. If you exercise ( run 2-3miles) a day, you should start losing weight.

Alison H
carrots, non stop!

caitlin v
salads. my mom lost lots of weight with the weight watcher diet. you just have to watch what you eat and do not starve yourself. start of slow and eventually eat healthy all the time.

Purple Polish
progresso canned soup is low in calories and its filling .... then theres sugar free jello its got like 10 calories, and then you can eat carrot sticks , you can drink lots of diet soda .... i hope that helps.

SoulDawg 4 UGA
Fruits and vegetables.

Also, if you have a normal school schedule or 1st shift work schedule, and a normal sleeping pattern, you can load up for breakfast. Eat a smaller lunch, and tiny portions for dinner. Don't eat anything after 8 pm.

I Speak the Truth
Raw Spinach, it not only wont make you fat but it'll make you lose weight because it takes the body more energy to process the spinach than calories that the spinach has.

Supposedly Celery

im sure
As a snack? Or is this a riddle?! lol. You gain weight when you have more calories in than you are burning off. So, theoretically if all you ate was lettuce but the calories from it was more than the calories burned you would gain wieght. You can eat a ton of Alfalfa sprouts and most other veggies without getting high calorie intakes.

try the reverse and exercise. get your metabolism up.

healthy food...and excercise, cuz without it u will gain wait no matta wat

Eat fruits and veggies to your hearts content. Try to stick to non-tropical fruits as they are higher in sugar and calories. Watch out for "low cal" or "low fat" foods. A lot of times they just have more sugar in them to enhance the flavor as opposed to the fat, but unfortunately sugar just turns into fat if you don't use it up first so there is no savings in the diet there.

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