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What's the best thing to eat if you feel like you're going to pass out?
I'm getting a tattoo...I'm a bit nervous that I'll pass out though. I want to be prepared and bring a snack. I'm having trouble deciding between: a granola bar, a chocolate bar, or lollipops. Which might be the best/quickest way to prevent passing out? Please only answer if you know from experience, DON'T guess.

larry L
Milk. However, the best thing for this is breakable glass capsules incased in gauze. I think you can buy these at a pharmacy. If not, you can simply buy a little bottle of ammonia spirits and sniff that during the procedure. That will guarantee you won't pass out.

suzanne g

a red bull should do the trick; it'll be more effective being a liquid

i would say either the chocolate or lollipops. along wit a snack, bring some non-diet soda or juice. a liquid high in sugar willl get into your system alot faster than food.

Kris L
No 'snack food' is going to keep you from 'passing out' when you are getting a tattoo. You are experiencing the usual 'pre-wedding jitters' only you should insert the word 'tatoo' where it says 'wedding.' You'll be 'too interested' and in a 'very different place' so you WON'T PASS OUT ... and if you do pass out, the tattoo artist knows and is trained to do what needs to be done for you ... I 'know' this, because I used to have a good friend and neighbor who was a tattoo artist.

Randy W
Nothing, it's not a good idea to drink or eat if you are going to pass out. If you do pass out and vomit while you are unconscious there is a chance you could choke or aspirate and die.
If you feel lightheaded or feel like fainting it's best to lay down.
Alert anyone if you can to make sure you don't fall and hit you head or have a injury or choke while you are unconscious.
If you are really that concerned about passing out over getting a tattoo, then tell the tattooist your fear and work out a signal should you feel it starting to happen. He can stop an give you a few minutes to gain your composure then start again.

nebula pluto
chocolate or candy

orange juice or some other sweets. It will help keep your blood sugar levels up.

chocolate or honey. it gives u energy.

My husband swears on carrot sticks, the natural sugar is great. I personally would go for the chocolate bar or orange juice. Dont worry, it is not that bad, I am a big baby and I didn't even feel like I would pass out. It did hurt, that's all.

Hes just a boy & Im just a girl
This might sound funny but candy. So go with the chocolate bar or lollipop.

bin there dun that
Unsweetened orange juice.

Something with sugar, and not to acidic. I was going to say an orange but that seems acidy. I would go with Hershey Kisses. Get some sugar, paced out and you can take your mind of the tattoo while you unwrap.

Brian H
Orange juice seems to work for a lot of diabetics. Good luck, I've been putting off the tattoo for the same reason.

Lover of Blue
Something with both carbs and protein like an apple with peanut butter if you're not allergic to peanuts can help. I eat walnuts to maintain my blood-sugar levels throughout the day. (I'm hypoglycemic). You want something that will help keep your sugar level up but not send it up and then crash. Eating protein keeps it from crashing. I'd avoid candy and stick to a high protein granola bar or protein bar. Check out your local health food store for options.

A granola bar since it comes with natural vitamins. A 7up soda would be good too!

LOL relax i recntly got a tattoo and i sounded just like u haha i was almost in tears b4 he touched me and you wont pass out unless u stress big time it just feels like the corner of a nail or a scrape it bearly hurts at all i promise lol and im a sook i hate needles hahaha you will be fine i got my tatoo on my loswer bak and appently its one of the most painful areas and it bearly hurt i did fine but if u need some thing take a choclae bar like a kit kat or some thing lol YUM but yeah you'll do great good luck YAY lol

I recommend a banana or yogurt. You want something healthy that will give you nutrients. Water is good too. Basically, the less processed it is, the better it is for you (mostly).

81 Honda
if you pass out due to the amount of food intake, or lack there of. It will depend on just that. Is it low blood sugar? if so, a peanut butter granola bar would be your best bet. is it because your diabetic, well then, I'd be getting some insulin. Is it dehydration? Get some water. But if you're going to pass out because of your nerves, well then you just need to calm down. I mean truly, I don't really understand why would pass out from getting a tattoo other than nerves, being that a tattoo has nothing to do with the amount of food you eat or your amount of hydration.

A MARS BAR!!!!!!!!

My husband was about to pass out in the labor room at the hospital watching them give me an epidural...they told him to get something salty...like peanuts because it was stress induced. Try that but if it doesn't work...try the sweets...or better yet...skip the tattoo! In a few years you'll be wishing you had anyway.

Sean S
i don't think any of these would prevent you from passing out. If you did pass out it would probably be from stress you are experiencing from the the tattoo and that is a mental thing that you bring on yourself. just eat a regular meal before you go to the tattoo parlor and definitely don't eat while you are getting the tattoo if you think you are going to pass out, unless you want to pass out and then choke and die...

With the sensation of passing out, throwing up usually comes first, so don't take anything that would be hard or nasty to vomit back up, like solid foods.

So...I would opt for hard candy or juice...if you pass out, food won't prevent it, but it can take your mind off the tattoo.

People will try to tell you all kinds of medically sound ideas on what you should eat, but I'm going to take this the opposite direction.
Every night I lay my head down and I never really know if I'll ever wake up again. I assume I will, but never REALLY know. Same thing for when you pass out. You never really know if it's going to be your last time awake on earth. In light of this fact I take this approach: The best food for your problem is 'liquid bread' otherwise known as 'liquid courage' otherwise known as 'beer.' Sounds nuts huh? Not really! I mean think about it, this could be your last time ever to drink a beer if you pass out. Sure it's not likely, but it's possible! And don't you wanna go out while you're chillaxin?? Beer is a depressant, it'll chill you out and you'll be mellow. If you do survive, you'll be no worse for the wear, just so long as you didn't decide to get mudwrestling crossdressed midgets as your tatoo BECAUSE of the beer. Best of luck. (high sugar stuff works too ie: orange juice/pepsi)

Lisa B
There is no "magic" food for this. I would suggest you take whatever works for you personally as your "comfort food". Make sure you have a friend come with you who is good at helping you stay calm. Sometimes applying a cool cloth to the back of your neck or forehead can help. One trick is to take a cup of ice, hold it loosely over your mouth and mouth-breath slowly. For some reason, breathing in the cold air can ease the anxiety you are feeling. Make sure you tell the tattoo artist that you are concerned about passing out. They deal with nervous people all the time. If you are not comfortable with your tattoo person or if he/she does not take you and your fears seriously, find someone who does.

If it is related to low blood sugar issues, complex carbs are best. For hypoglycemic episodes (low blood sugar), we would give them something like graham crackers and milk. You don't want the "sugar rush" that can come from juice or candy bars. Also, if you are diabetic, you need to check with your doctor before having a tattoo done. Diabetics can have trouble healing and can be more susceptible to infection.

Hope this helps.

This is why I know this - I watched a show called LA Ink with Kat Von-D - very famous tattoo artist - she uses lollipops.

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