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 Is 123-125 a thin weight for a 14 year old at 5'5 who runs?

 Im 17, 5'6 and weigh 7st 4lbs?
wot do you think?
i hav little , virtual no muslce mass.
Carry alot of wobbly fat, can grab a fist full on my tummy, very wobbly thighs.
i take 6 klb6 tablest a day n 1 kelp tablet....

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 How can i get rid of my fat saggy tummy,without surgery?

Additional Details
what is alum?...

 Am I too skinny for my height and age? I am 4"11, 14 years old, and weigh 51 pounds, do you think I am fat?
Or do you think I am skinny, because I think I am fat....

Should I eat this Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast or nothing at all?
I left my healthy fruit cup sitting on my kitchen counter.....I'm on a diet and I can't leave to go get something healthy.. should I not eat anything or the doughnut?
Additional Details
someone brought in the doughnuts for the whole office yesterday(and they are still here)...and the only thing in the vending machines are chips, and other sweets, there isnt even anything healthy in the vending machines, ..and no milk or juice, just soda in the other machines.....

Eat nothing. Those things will make you sick. They`re soooo sweet.

none of the above.

eat a healthy breakfast.

try to scrape off the sugar and the sweet syrup/creme.
eat the cake part, at least it's made with flour.

That is not a healthy choice. Next time take your fruit cup or a carton of yogurt with you. If you can get a doughnut you can get something better like a bagel.

eat it fat azz

if your like me you dont want to even smell it because if you do you will devour it and then you can't have lunch. please don't!!!

I usually don't answer a question with a question, but here goes.
If you are on a diet, why would you eat the donut? Drink some water to fill you up till lunch.............

maryjane green
The fruit cup would have been much better but since it seems the doughnut is the only edible item around.... eat it so your body doesn't think you're starving it and starts storing even more fat. Good luck with your diet!

I wouldn't eat a donut. In fact the saying goes a good friend would never let a friend eat a donut. They are very bad for you.

Why do you ask?
I can't say no to a Krispy Kreme. I am afraid that I would eat the whole thing, but I would be sure to not eat a bunch of junk at lunch. I would go for a salad or something light.

The First Dragon
Krispy Kreme donuts are small so I vote for the one donut. In most cases it is best not to skip the meal altogether.

Is there milk or orange juice in a machine around where you are at? I'd skip the dougnut, but drink a serving of milk. If you can't get milk, eat the doughnut and make sure to eat something healthy for lunch. If it is your first junk food in a long time, it won't hurt to eat it. I doubt you'll even notice anything except your guilt.

That's a tough one! Sugar will cause your blood to skyrocket then drop, which results in you eating more throughout the day. It's why you're supposed to eat balanced snacks to avoid that rollercoaster. If you're only going without food for 3 hours, I would just drink water until I could get something to eat. Then you can eat something with massive fiber so you won't eat too much of it and you'll stabilize quickly. Good luck!

It is never good to go without breakfast, eat the Krispy cream and remember your fruit cup tomorrow

One doughnut isn't going to hurt, go ahead and eat it.

just eat a pinch or two of the doughnut and throw the rest away or give it away.. don't eat the whole thing.. but don't eat nothing either.

Eat the doghnut, it will keep your metabolism going which will help burn whatever u eat later. Starving will always do damage.

You should always eat something for breakfast. If you can scrape up any other options where you're at, try it. But, if the doughnut is all you have, eat it. You don't want your body to think it has to hold onto stored fat because it's hungry. Plus, one doughnut is not going to hurt. Just get right back onto your diet afterwards.

Chris C
Eat the donut

It will strat ur metabolism going for the day

i would say just eat it who cares, but if your not give it to me because i have not eat'n breakfast this morning yet.

Eat half and drink a lot of water of water today.

Just eat the darn doughnut !!!!!!!!

Eating is better than nothing, besides that sounds yummy, have some tea with, that should do it

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