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Not hungry, but I'm dizzy when I don't eat?
For the last few days, I haven't been very hungry, and have only been eating little portions of (relatively) healthy food. It's just that I'm just not hungry.
My only problem is that even though I'm not hungry, I'm still getting little dizzy-spells or headaches after a few hours.
I'm not starving myself, so could it be that my body needs to adapt to my new eating habits?

Carl P

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your dizzy because you need nutrients
why dont you eat more?

‚ô•LuV sKuLL‚ô•
you should eat anyways. or you just have to go to the bathroom. OR you need new glasses if you have any.

you can take iron

hannah faye
ya. u need to eat more sugar. i no that doesn't sound very healthy, but it helps. trust me. PLZ don't starve yourself. that's nasty! and very unattractive. just for the headz up. :]

You are most likely hypoglycemic. If that's the case, you will most possibly have Vaso Vagal Reaction. It causes you to get dizzy, and (if this has happened to you) causes that blackness that spreads across your vision. VVR can make you faint, so if you are eating small, it may be a good idea to get little things that are healthy to snack on when you start feeling this way.

~*pie girl*~
your blood sugar is low eat something or drink something sugary then you will feel better and be careful my friend passed out from the same problem
good luck!

yea your body is probably not used to you new eating habits.

It is properly just from your change in eating habits. If it is it should only last for a few days to a week just until your body adapts to it, but if it lasts longer i would go to the doctors and get it checked out just in case it isn't anything else, like diabetes.

Could be a sugar related issue. Go see your Dr. Hypoglycemic? Very little food even though it is healthy and you are not hungry. Hmmm. Are you drinking enough fluids? Just plain filtered water? Take your body weight and cut it in half. That is how many ounces of water you need to be drinking daily. But, still see a Dr.

that happened to me and i was iron deficant (cant spell that word) and i didnt know and i also needed to take vitiam c tablets.

You need to eat even if your not hungry, How else are you going to get energy? Unless your on Methamphetamine. I will be nice and assume your not though.

Rudy PAC
Actually thats a classic sign if dehydration. Are your drinking the required amounts of liquid to stay hydrated. Change of habit takes small steps. A working progress perhaps. Hope this helps.

all it is is that your matabilism is used to working harder but since it has nothing to work with you body is making you dizzy all you need to do is eat either regular size meals 3 or 4 times a day or eat 7 or 8 small meals throughout the day since your not that hungry i suggest the second

Curtis B
yea well i get the same as you if u try change ur eating habits and you starve ur self its not goog just eat what you want but smaller portions,i get dizzy and the shakes when i dont eat enough,so my point is eat untill you half full.and drink allot of water. thats my advice.

Your body needs to adapt AND you need to be drinking much more water than you do.

When you lose water weight, that's not something to brag about (not that you did, but I've seen it). Water weight is a constant in healthy people (generally). To deprive yourself of it is to invite headaches and dizziness.

ur body needs to adapt. either because u used to eat alot or u skip eating something ur body wants or is used to. its like smoking, ur brain misses the Nicotine when u quit suddenly.

ur dizziness maybe caused by a lack of sugar in ur diet. try eating sweet desserts like candies or some pastry. the CLUE HERE IS MODERATION not total removal of ur food.
or try eating sweet fruits or something.

too much of everything is bad = too little of everything is also bad.

I have spells like that when I get up too fast. You need to eat more and drink more water because your blood pressure is low and it can also be caused by "that time of the month" sorry girly!

had you not been eating a lot before that?? are you doing any strenuous work? it sort of sounds a little like hypoglycemia, but dont be scared. it might just be that your stomach is shrinking because you hadnt been eating a lot before. my brother moved out and he is broke, so he hardly ever eats, and now he cant eat that much or gets really full really quick. try eating a little more day after day. if it still goes wrong, see your doctor

i think thats your problem within itsself, is when you go on a diet, youre supposed to eat a healthy ammount of healthy foods, not starve yourself from it ALL.

thats why healthy foods are there.
and its not that youre STARVING youself exactly, but it seems like your bloodSUGAR*(sorry, not pressure, sugar.=]) is waaaaayy to low.

definitley eat something with mucho calories, FAST!

this is very dangerous if you dont, im serious.

even though your BRAIN thinks your getting good food,
it really ISNT enough nutrients for your WHOLE body,
so definitely eat something substantial fast.

and im not trying to scare you or anything but..
it can be dangerous if you dont,

hope that helps

drink more water
and when you do eat get more protein

Jessica R
Maybe you are dehydrated, and thats the reason your getting dizzy spells. Try separating the portions into smaller but more often to keep your body thinking it doesn't need food. And when you are not hungry try drinking some water, and exercise. That should get you going.

Good luck :P

Yes, try eating small healthy snacks every 3 hours. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep .

Stay away from drinks with caffeine, they will only make you dehydrated from sugar and stuff. You may like to drink the protein shakes if you feel real hungry also , they are good 4 u.


No your blood suger level is probably low you need to eat 3 meals a day.Not eating enough.

blood sugar. drink some orange juice.

People with type two diabeates tend to get this way. It's because of low blood sugar. Try eating something like a candy bar when you feel this way. I would also see a doctor they can diagnose you with anything if you have a problem. I pre diabatic and take meds for it if I don't eat I become very week and dizzy. Get it checked out. Hope this helps and you get to feel better sweetie

It's because your stomach is shrinking.

You have hypoglycemia and are probably dehydrated as well. Eat little meals throughout the day rather than two or three big ones. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

My ex girlfriend was the same way. She was Hypoglycemic. You may want to ask your doctor about it.

Thats your bodies way of telling you your not getting enough nutrients and energy.

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