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Paul C
My friend weighs 5 pounds less than i do but i am skinnier and shorter how is this possible?
i weigh 125 and he weighs 120

wow your an idiot! everyone comes in different shapes and sizes! and its only 5 pounds dip ****!

WIld Maiden
is your head fatter?

different people put more fat on at different body parts, ones that sometimes arent so noticeable

Muscle ways more than fat. Don't worry guys dig when girls have muscle a bit.

Ainora G
Muscle weighs more than fat, and if you have a lower fat percentage than him, you will weigh more. There is also differing bone structure and weight distribution.

maybe its because you are taller and your bones are bigger then him something like that

(Insert name here)
Muscle weighs more plus it depends on how it all looks. If most of your weight was in your stomach area you would look fatter, but if your weight is all evenly distributed throughout your body you'll look thinner.

If you have more muscle mass than he does; theoretically, you should weigh more. If he has a lot of fat or more than you do, then that makes perfect sense because muscle weighs more than fat.

Uptown Girl
You either have more muscle, or you may have had really heavy clothes on. Or if you are a girl (i know this is gross, but) It could be your chest that is the extra five pounds, or did you weigh on the same scale, did you actually see him step on a scale, if not he could be lying! Anyway I wouldn't worry about it if you look skinnier and like your weight, that is all that matters. It is only five pounds, and people carry weight in different places

Timothy D
how big are your breasts? do you have more muscle?

never would have guessed
It's the amount of muscle
muscle weighs more than fat

you might have solid weight like muscles or something you know they are heavier than fat!!

Lauren D
it doesn't really matter.
people carry their weight in different places.
sometimes weight doesn't always really show.
5 pounds isn't like anything at alll.

she has more fat

people have differnt body shapes/types

you probably have more muscle, because muscle is more dense then fat

you probably have more muscle!

muscle weighs more than fat!

muscle weighs more than fat :) She may have more fat and you have more muscle, therefore you appear to be thinner. Take care:)

A person's WEIGHT / size is not an accurate measure.

A person's ultimate Health measure is measured using a device that measures BODY MASS INDEX. A "B.M.I." measures much more than body weight.

It measures how well the body burns the fat and sugars we eat.
Yes, you can be skinnier than your friend, but how well does your body metabolize the fats in your blood vs. your friend's metabolic rate?

You have more muscle.
Muscle is denser and heavier than fat so if you're skinnier, you're probably also more muscular
: )

Bleeding Tiger
You might have more muscle mass. Muscle weighs more then fat does.

muscle weighs more than fat

College Mom
You obviously have more muscle

everyones bodies are different and it could be a muscle mass factor. I have a machine that tells you your exact body fat ect......

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