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My daughter is 12 years old and weighs 140 pounds. whats a good way to loose weight?

how tall is she? Weight Watchers has a good teen program.

Put her on distilled water and veggie and orange juice.
Cut out all the fast foods and sodas, candy and red meat and cut the salt in half, no sugar (honey)

Stop eating sweets

get her on a diet slowly change the food if you do it too quick it wont last and get her out of the house doing sports, walking the dog, anything to get her from doing something inside...goodluck

how tall is she?

Buy her/you the book called the The Diet for Teenagers Only. I paid for it for my daughter the info in there is straight forward and written for a teen to understand. Once she reads it you should read it too. It will really be helpful. If you don't want to buy it see if your library has it.

before you encourage your daughter to develop an eating disorder, look at your groceries. toss out the junk and start a new way of shopping. allow only water and 100% juice to take up space in your home and eat at home more often. get out and walk with your daughter every nite before bed.
talk to your doctor and your daughter's doctor about nutritional counseling. this is a lifestyle change for the entire family. model positive behavior.

quit buying junk food. stick to fresh fruits and veggies-no fruit snacks they are full of sugar. read labels-very important. and kick her out of the house and make her go outside to play

my kids exercise every morning,my daughter is 9 and i started them exercising a year ago, when she was 8 and weighed 140 and was almost 5 ft tall Now she's going on 10 shes a lil over 5 ft tall and wieghts about 119
they both do the following exercise 6 days a week
Toe Touches, Jumping Jacks, Sit ups, push ups, lay down toe touches (where you lay flat on the ground and sit up and touch ur toes) my daughter does 25 of each exercise 10 times my 7 yr old son does 15 of every thing 10 times but does 30 sit ups 10 times each because he wants a 6 pack
they don't eat alot of junk food, they eat tons of fruits and vegies, healthy food (not over board healthly) I buy them bread for kids, it has all the vitamens and minerals in it that kids need, it's made by Wonder Bread and it says KIDS real big across the bag - if its not on sale, i get them wheat bread and they also run daily as well
they don't get alot of pop, they drink mostly water, some tea and some kool aid, but i'd say 85 % of what they drink is water

Savannah S
stop drinking sodas....eat more servings of fruits and vegtables,,,, and get out and do something active,,,swim,,,sports,,walking,,,runnin... or take her to the gym and you can work out together,,if these dont work respond-i would love to help anymore if i can

Obviously you would wan't to cut out junk food but after that I would say to make sure she is getting enough lean protein about 30 grams. If you choose to give her land animals to eat make sure you don't go overboard as too much is hard on the liver and other parts of the body. Try to lay off breads as well, but if she has to have a sandwich make sure you get bread that is at least 4 grams of fibre per slice or try low fat high fibre wraps. Lots of fruits and veggies and get her into so sports that intrest her. If price is a concern then get her involved with an organization like cadets.

To sum it up 30g of protein 30g of fibre 30-40g of fat lots of fruits, veggies and water. And get her involved.

Swimming activities, they burn pounds, are fun, and improve cardio vascular health as well!

There are some good diet program out there, but I still find the best way to loose weight it a low fat diet and exercise. Replace that bag of chips with an apple, instead of watching TV go outside for an hour and run, jump,swim whatever to keep you moving. Make sure she gets good rest and good meals and that weight will come off in no time.

you don't mention how tall she is, that has alot to do with whether or not she needs to lose weight. And at 12, I would be more concerned with making sure she had a balanced diet than I would with how heavy or thin she was. She has a lot of hormonal changes to go thru in the next six to eight years and how she metabolizes food will change along with that. Keep her away from fast food, encourage her to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and limit her treats. But weight loss should not be an issue until she is thru puberty.

Well, first of all...does she want to loose weight? Because if she doesn't don't force it on her! If she does try the "Special K" diet. They eat Special K 4 lunch and breakfast for 2 weeks and a normal dinner and you are supposed to loose 5-10 pounds! My friend did it and lost 13! Good Luck! Ask her before putting her on the diet! :]

mom of twins
You need to get her out walking and try putting her on a low carb diet. South Beach works pretty good. Also, there are some really good kids gyms out there that making working out fun for kids. Good luck -you are right to start now before she gets even older it will be harder.

cut out a lot of fat. Get stuff with the title fat free (fat free cheese). Start walking with her every day.

You should consult a doctor before starting her on any diet or exercise plan though.

♥lovin life♥
try to help her to excersice and if she doesn't like excersice try to make it fun for her. Then encourage her to eat the right foods and try to be creative and make eating healthy food taste better. Or she could find a weight program to help her. I hope this helps! Good luck!

Wowzers. I saw an show once where a mother had the same problem. Her kid was violent when he was hungry. She had to put padlocks on the cabinets, pantries, and refrigerator. The kid tried to break them off, but he couldn't. He just got really mad. Introduce a healthier diet gradually into her life. Don't make drastic changes. It will make it too hard for her.

tom w
Good for you. Your taking responsibility for your daughter.

Remember to do these things:

1) First and foremost -- BE SUPPORTIVE. Ask yourself why you want your daughter to loose weight. Is because you want to protect your daughter from obesity related diseases, such are diabetes, heart disease and cancer? Or do you want your daughter to loose weight, because you feel your being a judged as a mother. Ultimately your daughter must decide to lose the weight.

Remember, life is difficult for a 12 year old girl. There is a lot of pressure from the media, her school and her peers, to be thin, that pressure from her family might cause her to develop an eating disorder, or cause her to do drastic measures like cutting.

2) Feed her a healthy diet. You are in control of her meals. You feed her breakfast and dinner. Cook healthy and nutritious meals. At this stage in your daughter's life it is important that she be healthy and not thin.

3) Encourage physical activity. Encourage your daughter to participate in school sports. Even if she doesn't like sports see if she would enjoy taking dance. Community programs are also helpful.

One of the most helpful things you can do for her, is exercise with her. Go out for a bike ride, a walk or run.

4) Listen to your daughter. It's her body, it's her life. Let her be in control.

Sandy S
Have her follow the pyramid diet and eat in moderation. When snacking, keep healthy foods in the house. Lot of fruits and veggies, especially.

Here's a guide to the pyramid diet:

Unfortunately there is no miracle cure.....and this stuff isn't difficult science.....basically eat within your daily allowed kilojoules/calorie limit and do at least an hour of some sort of physical activity or sport 5 days a week....simple....

Does she want to lose weight? Be sure not to pressure her into doing anything she feels she doesn't have to do. Why not just prepare less fattening meals, and stock up the fridge with lots of fruits and veggies for snacks. Focus more on being healthy, and not just losing weight. 12 is still pretty young, you know.

It depends how tall she is. Walking,swimming,staying active. Eating nutritious food,and not eating right before she goes to sleep. You could go to your doctor's and get help with a sensible eating plan. You have to burn more then you take in. And no pop!

Losing weight the right way=healthy diet and responsible exercise.

It can be dangerous for your young daughter to be overweight...I am surprised your general physician has not made recommendations earlier. If you do have a family doctor, I would bring up these concerns with her/him. See if they can refer you to a nutritionist or someone who specializes in adolescent development.

Nutrition is going to be key, and a professional can help you establish healthy eating habits for the whole family, but specifically set some goals with your daughter. Right off the bat, it will be the little things that count: cut back as much as possible on sodas (you'd be amazed at how much weight can be lost there) and juices (also high in sugars/carbs), remove the idea of fast food as a go-to for dinner, try cooking at home so YOU control portions. Cooking does not have be stressful; make it enjoyable by cooking with your daughter, so you can show her how it can be fun (but also showing her how to cook healthy foods). Also, have your daughter take her (healthy) lunch to school, and don't give her funny money to grab a slice of pizza, soda or candy. These little changes can make a difference!

With your general physician (or whomever they can refer you to), discuss what an appropriate level of physical activity would be for your daughter. Once that has been decided, you need to find ways to make exercise more than drudgery. Find out about local sports teams she can join (outside of school), go to the YMCA, or even walking around the highschool track. But remember, you are the parent, so you must lead by example!

kelly s
well i didnt eat for a while and when i did it wasnt much, but it was healthy...eat alot less, salads and fresh foods, high in nutrients, go for a walk or do about half hr excercise a day, dont overdo it though it wont help, just eat alot less and only healthy, see how that goes

there is a video called hip hop abs, this seems really cool and something her age may like. its a little funny but it will work, cool songs and hip dancing. Also try to get her off sodas regular and diet, i know most kids love these. Don't buy anything but good healthy food. she cant drive and get it herself so she can only eat whats there. Everyone in house like myself can stand to get a little healthier.

meagan b
stop feeding her Sh*t for food. keep all junk out of your home and make her exercise atleast every other day.

STOP drinking sodas and other sugar-laden drinks. Most people DRINK most of their calories without even realizing it. Use artificial sweeteners. They taste different at first, but eventually, you won't even notice.

Ask her doctor. Children are still growing, so putting them on a diet without medical supervision may not be the best thing. Aside from that, encourage your child to be more active, take family walks/bike rides together, get involved in team sports, let her play outside more and watch less TV

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