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 My friend only eats 500 calories a day is she going to die :(?
my best friend has always been a little chubby but she recently lost quite abit of weight and itold her she looked great and asked her how she did it and she said she has been on a 500 calorie diet ...

 What is the one food you cant resist????????

 How do I get a flat stomach?
My stomach used to be flat but now its getting a little round. What do I do to get it flat again?...

 Does overweight equal ugly??
Does being overweight, automatically make someone ugly??

i don't think so, i jw what others ...

 How to lose weight and keep it off if overweight?
I weigh around 300 pounds @ 18 years old and am about 5"11. What would be the best way to lose weight and keep it off? I have tried to eat less during the day and do more exercise but that does ...

 Hey im 13 and just wanna know, not about weight loss?
im 13 yearss old, girl and play tennis 3 times a week, 5.1 and 90 pounds Today i've eaten:

lowfat cottage cheese
milk with strawberry (120 kcals)


 I weigh 11 and a half stone - what is that in pounds?

 Is there anything unhealthy about drinking 3 bottles of water a day?
i know i dont NEED to drink that much but i like to. theres nothing unhealthy about it tho right? i heard something about water intoxication if you drink too much but 3 water bottles throughout the ...

 Iam 24 and i weight 118. i been trying so hard to gain weight. i eat everything i see no lie!! what can i do?

 Eating only rice help me lose weight?
My friend Seujang say that I cannot lose weight just eating rice. The reason I eat is because it make me full.

Will jus eating rice make me lose weight??...

 I am 12 and a half and i'm 5ft 4 and i weigh 7 and a half stone is that heathy?
I dont know, please help ...

 Am I drinking too much?
I am overweight, overworked and unhappy with my lot generally - but put a cheery face on things - I just can't stop my nightly fix of wine (anywhere from half a bottle to a bottle). Is this bad?...

 Am I overwieght??
im a 16 year old female. im about 5'5 but wiegh 140lbs. All of my friends are extreamly skinny and whenever i say i am fat they always are quick to deny it. I dont know if thats because they are ...

 Is it unhealthy to take cocaine everyday?

 Is 120 weight alot at the age of 12????
is this weight normal 4 a 12year old girl going 2 8th grade???if not ,give easy tips
Additional Details
my height 5"1...

 Does anyone know any fast or good diets? 10 POINTS BEST ANWSER?
i dont care how crazy it is. I need to lose weight quick. Does anyone know of any of those 3-20 day diets. or any that work.
yes ik weight watchers workers amazing, but that takes a long time ...

 Im always tired n i have no energy at all. how can i help this?

 My friend wants to be a vegitarian and shes only 13 shes still growing. Is this bad for her?
Im 12 and shes 13 and she wants to be a vegitarian, and im trying to tell her its not good but she is about 120 and shes thinks shes fat.im fat but im gonna be on a reasonable diet. my mom was like 9 ...

 I'm scared to eat at other peoples house because i'm fat so wut do i do?
because someone might call me a pig or mooo at me.and at school when i'm eating my lucnh ppl tell me to share or they yell out thunder thies thunder thies!!how can i lose weight?i can't ...

 Please help me I am fat and I'm serious about loosing the weight before I turn 25yrs. old! What more can I do?
I'm almost 25 yrs old
I weight 236 lbs.
I'm a ...

Ladies - what is your height, weight and clothes size?
want to know whether those that weigh the same as me have the same clothes size as me.

If you don't mind :P

Liz G

87 pounds (6 stone)

UK size 4
USA size 0/00

5'10 140 and size 8

5'6, 130 pounds, 6/8.

5'7", 135 lbs, and size 10

lUV.KiERA. ♥;;
Age- 13

Weight- 100.7 (just got weighed at the doctor's =])

Height- Almost 5' 7"

Clothes size
- Usually 1 or 0 in pants, skirts, and shorts
- Smalls or extra smalls in shirts and tops

5 ft 5, 9 stone 10 and I'm size 12.


5ft 9, 9.5 stone, 10-12

5'9'' 10 stone to 10 and a half. Size 12 (uk)

5' 7, 135 pounds and size 8-10. Why, what's yours?

I am 5ft 4in. I have a size 14 in a half wardwrobe. And I weigh 101 pounds.

Confused <3
4-6 depends! I like wearing big clothes!

Champagne 3 suspended again !
5ft 7. 9 stone. size 10- 12 (UK)



size 14

5ft 9ins. 9 1/2 stone. size 12

5'7, 9st, UK size 8-10, Italian size 42

5'1, 110-112#'s
size 2/3 or Small or size 26 or 27 jeans... depending on the clothes brand

And are you going to post yours???


Wow, isn't everyone else tall!

I'm 5'6", 9 1/2 stone, size 12.

5ft2, 9 stone, UK size 10.

I'm 5'2" and weigh about 119. I wear a 3/4 misses petite. But in juniors its a size 5.

Rach J
5 foot 9, 7 stone 2 size 6-8. im in recovery from anorexia :(

5 foot 9
When I am "bony" skinny I weigh 145 and wear a 10. I can't do that without extreme effort.
When I am "normal" I weigh 160 and wear a 12.
When I "put on weight" I weigh 175 and wear a 14.
LOL, I go up and down, and I have different size clothes in my closet!!!!
I am never "chubby" or anything, but I can put on 10 or 15 and I notice it, then I go back on a diet!

Height is 5'3, weight is around 8.3 stone. Clothes size 8-10, sometimes 6. (UK)

why? just why?
5 ft 7

but 33 wks pregnant! so look massive.

before pregnant was 12 stone and size 14/16

I am a large person. I weigh 183 lbs and wear a size 16. I am also 5'2". I have lost over 25lbs since April and am continuing to lose.

Legal Eagle
I am 5ft 2" and weigh 57 kg. Clthes size 10.

5'8" 109 lbs - size 0 - xs

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