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Just U
Is there something wrong with eating fish at least 4-5 times a week?
I dont eat land animals i only eat seafood. Alot of people have been saying im not being safe by only eating mostly fish and shrimp. They said fish have mercury and it can make you sick? Is this true?

Some fish do!But not all fish.The ones you buy at the grocery store , are safe.

to much mercury!!!

It is true about the mercury, but the fish you are eating is more than likely safe. It is dependat on what waters the fish come from. Enjoy, fish is healthy.

Boxy Brown
your only supposed to eat fish 1 maybe 2 times a week

Eating fish that often is very healthy for you. Fish contain omega 3 fats which are good for your cholesterol. I hear about mercury in fish but I don't think it is true.

Yes it is.

if you eat too many shrimp, you can get Iodine poisoning.

no i eat fish about 4-5 times a week its part of my culture(or atleast my moms culture)its really good for you as long as its not fried but if you mean the baked or boiled ones that you put over rice then thats really good for you its better than eating at mcdonalds

Susie Q
You shouldn't eat fish that have a high mercury content on a regular basis.

Assuming your getting a varied diet with the other foods you eat, it shouldn't be a problem.

Whenever you eat a certain food a lot, it is important to make sure you look at toxicity. For example, mercury levels in some fish can be high, so it is important to ensure you are not intaking too much of one toxin (which can be a problem for anyone who eats a lot of one particular thing (vegetable, fruit, meat, or otherwise).
Vary up the type of fish, that should help.
Take care

David T
not really true look at eskimos allthough doctors have studied this diet and concluded that blood takes alot longer to clot and there is a danger of bleeding to death from minor cuts

No, I believe that is better for you, and only if you're pregnant does it cause harm.


mark f
it's important to have a balanced diet. even the fda warns against eating too much fish because of the mercury levels. how much is too much is a different question..

Eat in moderation. Have 3 servings of fish a week and then find alternative to seafood for the rest of the week. Load up on your vegetables.

Tell "a lot of people" to prove it.
I eat seafood all the time and so do Asians(fish and rice are a large part of the Asian diet).

Ask "a lot of people" about the additives in land animals.

I wouldn't eat tuna 5 times a week, or shrimp, but if you mix things up pretty good, you should be fine as far as heavy metals go.

Yes it is true. Here is information from a government site concerning the mercury levels.


Yes it is. But it does depend a bit on where your fish comes from.

For instance, farmed scottish salmon is terribly toxic and I saw a report where the recommended amount to eat was less than 2 portions per YEAR! Yep, per year. I've not eaten it since.

Also, shellfish are known as the scavengers of the sea - they eat all the stuff no other creatures will touch. So they are particularly full of stuff I don't much want in my body!

Basically if you must eat fish, try to get fish that has been caught a LONG way offshore, and definitely not farmed. But since I don't catch my fish myself I can't guarantee where it has come from and I'd rather steer clear.

Bottom line though: you can't find anything to eat on the planet that hasn't been adversely affected by human activity. Sad but true.

lizzie c
No not at all it's extremely good for you, I wish i could eat loads of fish it's a shame I hate it!! (except fish fingers!)

Look at it this way, fish taste good, you like fish, fish+you=happy.

You must be a cat woman.

Ur doing well...BUT too much prawns and shrimps too much colesterol..


You need to eat a well-balanced diet. Too much of anything is bad.

la buena bruja
It depends on where your fish comes from. Not all waters have mercury in it. You're probably still a lot healthier than people who eat beef 4-5 times a week!

Vanessa B
Some fish do have this dieases but let me asure you it isnt in many, it just depends where you get the fish from, in fact eating fish is great for your body, fish oils like Omega-3 helps you stay nice and healthy and gives you good skin, also if you're eating tuna thats even better because it helps with brain power making you able to think better :) I hope this asnwers your question

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