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Is drinking to much cranberry juice bad for you.?
My mother is 82 and she drinks it all day long i dont think it is good for her, i was told that it gives a person an appetite she is banging the weight on as she is eating an awful lot during the day and gets no exercise.

You are not supposed to have it if you are on Warfarin to thin your blood.

Tina B
it is good for the kidneys but does have a lot of sugar in it.......tell her to drink water every other glass

its has lots of vitamins and is good for the urinary Tract however it is also full of acid and sugar so is bad for teeth and the stomach in high doses..

for a sedentary person 2 litres a week is probably more than they need!!!

At least she probably won't get any urinary Tract infections, lol!!! Seriously, though, check it up on-line maybe....

*****oops, that's what I meant - bladder infections, not urinary Tract....my bad

no just gives you the shits

Alan S
No it is a good detox

sarah c
Its high in acid which isn't great for your kidneys, and some brands are full of sugar. See if you can get her to try melon juice and lychee juice; they're both lower in acid.

Timeless - watcher
I don't think it's bad, but a lot of calories for sure.
She's 82 already, let her enjoy what she craves.
She may be depressed. Bring her to the park and enjoy some sunshine, or bring her a kitty to accompany and cheer her up?

to much any thing is bad for you but I do not know if you can have to much cranbury juice. I like orange juice or grap juice

An overage of anything in never good for you. Maybe try suggesting some new drinks to her, like apple juice or orange juice. Spice it up a little.

Cranberry juice is great because it is high in anti-oxidants. It's particularly good for old people (who take a lot of medications) because it helps the body remove harmful toxins. It also aids in digestion. Old women often have digestive issues, so that may be the reason she drinks a lot of Cranberry juice. I've NEVER heard anything about it giving you an appetite, but if you're concerned about the amount of Cranberry juice she drinks, offer her Green Tea (hot or cold) or other juices. Pomegranate juice, light juices like Grapefruit Juice, and/or white grape juice are also good choices for digestions and antioxidants. Apple juice is good for you as well as energizing. One more final thing... if you get juice, make sure the ingredients do not include HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. VeryFine is my favorite.

i like Cranberry juice

to much of anything is bad for you. but no it is good for you ,

Sexy Red
Well i dont think Cranberry juice is bad for your mum at all, i have been drinking it for 3 yrs now done me know harm infact it helps my urine infections i get all the time,what about trying the low suger Cranberry just as nice.

yes thats why they say water is good for you but shes old so she probably doesnt care. Maybe she is depressed maybe thats why she is eating so much.

I heard it can strip your stomach.

sparkeling beauty.
no i souldnt think so i drink a cartun a day some time even to ur mother should be fine but keep an eye just incase if u think it is unhealthy or bad for her then tell her to cut down or try and get her on to a healther drink she can in joy just as much another thing is i havent put any wait on i am still 8 an a half plus i wouldnt say it gives me an appitite but it can have diffrent effects on different people.

Shelli T
I am sure that the extra sugar that she is consuming in the Cranberry juice is not good for her and is most likely causing her to pack on the weight. Cranberry juice has been found to be very good for your urinary Tract though. You could try to get her the light Cranberry juice and that might help wiht the amount of sugar she intakes.

I also would suggest that you talk to her Dr. about it and see what he has to say. It may not be that the Cranberry juice is causing her to eat more.....it is very common for elderly people to become depressed and as we all know depression can cause you to self sooth by eating. Now with the exercise thing.....you could try going on walk with her if she is able to......if you live in a hot area I would suggest a in closed mall for the walk so that she isn't in the heat. Remember though that she is getting older and her metabolism is slowing down and her energy level is a lot lower. There are way too many things to worry about with an elderly parent......be glad that you only have to worry about how much juice she is drinking. I have already had to bury all of my grandparents and they only lived to be in their 70's. Good Luck.

too much of anything is bad for u. no offence, but because of her age, i don't think she has that much time left, so let her enjoy herself

Depending upon the brand, it may be chock full of sugar, and that is what could be piling on the weight. Tell her to try Ocean Spray Light.

Cranberry juice prevents you from getting bladder infections! That's one thing I learned in college.

Yes, drinking is a bad thing, especially for the age that she's in. you would think a women that age would more likely take good care of her self so that at the run there wouldn't be much of a problem. but with her drinking and eating as often and not exercising she is causing her self of getting a high risk cholesterol and the risk of having a heart attack, now if she still walks for the age of 82 then she should take the advantage of maintaining her self to become more healthier. but if she Does not walk as she use to before then that's a big of a problem.
be considerate and take good care of your mother and love her for what she is, do not judge her for her actions but correct the mistakes that she makes so that she wont fall into the same problem again. let her know that your there for her and no matter what you'll always love her.

sincerely yrs,

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