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 How much weight can I lose by Tuesday?
That's like 3 days.

I'm planning on either eating nothing at all, or nothing above 200 cals. And going running for an hour.

I don't care about it being unhealthy....

 Is this fat?
5'5 1/2
150 pounds.

I'm just wondering because that's what I weighed last summer. Now I'm 125 :)...

 Is this a good plan?
this is my plan:
eat what i want
exercise for about 2 hours:
150 crunches:2 minutes
cd workout:40 minutes
run:20 minutes
walk:30 minutes
strength:10 minutes

 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!?
i need to lose 10 pounds fast......... can u help me!!! ined to lose that much weight by NEXT WEEK!!!!!! is that possible and how
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YEa PEoplEs........ im a model and i ...

 5 meals a day? How?
People say to spread your meals out to 5-6 a day.

Breakfast - eggs, fruit or eggs and multi grain toast
Lunch - chicken or roast beef sandwich, whole wheat, mustard, veggies

 I started gym last week (cardio, plus light weights).. and have gained 2kg since then!!!!!! Help.....?
what's right...what should i do.. is it that i am eating too much, that i am gaining weight still. am i doing the wrong exercise?

(i am prone to gaining weight and am an overweight ...

 How often does the average person eat?

 I quit smoking 11 days ago --- when should I expect weight gain?
Hi. :) I quit smoking 11 days ago. I've always expected that I would gain a few pounds after quitting --- and honestly I've been eating like there is no tomorrow. I've always been a ...

 Is 4 sets of 40 pushups everyday enough for a 14 year old girl?
i'm trying to get muscules. not trying to get really bulky but i wanna build some upper body strength for swimming, and also want that hard tone appearance for my arms. so is 4 sets of 40 ...

 How do you gain weight?
Does anyone else have trouble gaining weight? I'm trying to get over 100 pounds, but it seems impossible. I can eat, but my weight stays the same. I get full easily too though. I think it's ...

 Does splenda make you gain weight?
thats whats in Dasani natural flavored water. is that stuff bad for you? or is like drinking water? could just drink that as my water intake all day?...

 Is it really more beneficial to drink bottled water than tap? Which bottled waters are the 'best' and why?
I drink 2 litres of tap water a day. Would I be more healthy if I switched to bottled, and why?...

 My other girl ask why do young 18 yr old boys think only size 0 is cute?
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 Tea With Milk?
I drink about 8 cups of tea with milk a day. I want to know if this is good/bad for me?

I've heard that tea containes antioxidants, but someone told me that the protein in ...

 Does shopping count as exercise?
I don't know about you but when I shop and try clothes on, I get so thirsty and exhausted I need a nap afterwards....

 Why do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries and a DIET coke.?

 I am 5ft tall and 98 lbs. Am I overweight?

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To all of the people that typed that I am just wanting people to say "you are so skinny": I don't want people to say that. I honestly was starting to ...

 How can i lose 50-100 pounds in 2 months without interrupting my school work???
i am 197 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches tall and i want to lose 50-100 pounds in 2 months. i must keep up my school record for i am going to middle school in a year. i ahve not weighed 100 pounds since i ...

 How much water do you drink daily?
i have around 5-6 ltrs or around 15-18glasses a day.......

 Does eating dinner at 9:00 occasionally, make you gain weight?
i usually have dinner at around 6:30 or 7, but yesterday i didnt have it until 9. will this make you fat?...

Is Kool-aid bad for you?
I mean i know it has sugar in it but like as much sugar as you want to put in it but. Since it still is water does it make it kinda good for you?

Yes! All that artificial stuff in it would only stay hanging in your system and would not leave your body. Don't even mention the sugars!! All bad bad...

Buy splenda in bag just like sugar comes and make it with Splenda. The sugar is what is bad. Not kool aid itself.

Kool-Aid is not persay good 4 you but it is not bad 4 you it could be considered healthy if you use products like splenda and the off name brands if you understand!!!!

Drink the sugar-free kool-aid. Lots less calories and sugar.

thats a good question...
idk though.

do it in moderation.
it's not the best stuff for you.
my suggestion, try crystal light.
it has good flavors [some are better than kool-aid] and it has less than 1/2 the sugar of kool-aid.
best of luck to you!

ant t
If you are active you will probably burn the sugar quickly. Keep in mind the the sugar will stick to your teeth. Having said that....if you are healthy, a little Kool-aid won't hurt. All things in moderation :)

*Queen Bee*
I mean, it has lots of sugar in it, but its not necacarilly bad for you... so no. And I heard it can stain your teeth but it cant just to make that straight.

unless you drink it without sugar (yuck!), yes, it's bad for you. They do have "sugar free" kool-aid, but I'm not so sure the artificial sweeteners are any better for you !

If you add a different sweetener, it wouldnt be so bad, its the tons of sugar people put in it, not the actual kool-aid.. so i say drink up!!! :)

hmmm, I don't know but I love it!

Insert Name Here.
Kool-Aid mix is basically flavored sugar. It is okay for you.
I mean drinking fruit juice would be better for you, but it is not
as bad as drinking pop. If you are going to be drinking Kool-Aid then use Splenda instead (Splenda is much sweeter so
you only use about half as much)

Well it depends. Yes it does tend to have a lot of sugar in it, but usually not NEARLY as much as soda!

i dont know?

Not if you are black

I grew up on that stuff

juicy girl 101
yeah its like sugar water dont drink it

no, but how much sugar in it is

Mikel S
As long as you drink it in moderation. ( no more than 1 glass a day)
The artificial sweetener substitutions don't make it any better for you.

It depends on what kind of kool-aid you get.
they have some with splenda sugar in it.
i think that kinds alright
and personally i think it tastes a whole hell of a lot better.

it is bad because it has sugar but u should buy splenda or buy those little packages thay have hawian punch n lemon nade bot u put them in your water

its not bad unless you drink too much..

alejandro g

the sugar covers the good water

theres water in soda
that doesnt make it good for u but i dont really think kool aid is gonna hurt you too much.

Mickey D
the waters good but i dnt let my kids drink it beacuse the sugar i make them paly it safe and drink water and juices

kool-aid is dyed sugar water with some artificial flavoring. it is not going to kill you. everybody believes sugar makes you fat, and water is good for you, but water is just the holding cell of other substances. it is kind of like plasma in blood. if you are thirsty, drink water. if you arent, then dont. sugar, on the other hand, requires a large amount of it to actually do any harm to your body. kool- aid does have a lot of sugar, but unles you have a dramatically low metabolism, then you will be fine.
sugar is unchanged glucose. glucose is simple sugar that is used for energy. if it is not required for you to use the energy,then a surmountable amount will be required to make fat, which can both protect you, keep you warm, and clog your arteries.


Water alone is best for you. Kool Aid just adds unneccesary sugar. So yes, kool aid is bad for you, as opposed to real fruit juics or plain water. But obviously, it won't cause bad damage if you use it. It just isn't the best for you.

remember: do everything in moderation..and its ok

SPLENDA is used as a pesticide in other countries and 90% of countries wont let food with splenda in the country because they protect their citizens unlike the USA. Splenda is also formed by using chlorine which will deplete your Thyroid and cause you to get fat when enough of it is absorbed.

Drink water, koolaid will give you diabetes by keeping your insulin and glucose levels to high, the same with artificial sweetners other that Stevia or xylitol.

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