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Is KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) bad for you?
does anyone know if kfc is bad for you?
and is it any worse than other fast food types or is it any healthier...?
and why is it bad?

is all fast food bad?


Is Kentucky *FRIED CHICKEN* bad for you?

No, it's the freakin' cornerstone of every healty diet ever.

only if u eat the right portions
kfc is referred as (Kitchen Fresh Chicken) now


Check out the nutritional info: http://www.kfc.com/nutrition/default.asp

generally, those arouse your taste buds are not good for your health....KFC included.

Eat in moderation.. if you only eat all carrots or vegie will be bad for you either as u arent getting the right amount of protein and so on..

so moderate eating to stay balanced.

Only eat in moderation or as a treat, not all the time, its cooked in fat

Kentucky fried chicken, is not bad for you
neither is Mac- Donald's
Or Fish and chips etc,

These all have SOME, nutritional value as well as taste !!!

BUT SHOULD ONLY be eaten as a special treat

As part of a well balanced diet.

Enjoy your food !

yes on health its some time they dont change the oil .they keep on fry old oil not good for your health

old man
Last I heard the fda has after them for not (cleaning up there oil).It sure is good tasteing poison.

KFC is not only deep fried making it an unhealthy option to begin with, but the chickens they use are pumped full of steroids and toxins - yuk

If you don't eat too much it is not bad. Overeating and not enough excercise I believe is the problem with any foods.

i once got real drunked up as a kid and went it to work thinking that a whole tub of their chicken could straighten me up and its got Garlic compounds somewhere in the col. recipe and it double me and the beer up and I lost a 12 hour day over the bad decision to use it at the wrong time, and i was hungry too.

A friend of mine wasn't feeling too well and collapsed at work. He wa taken to hospital fro tests and found to he hyper-glycaemic and diabetic. He was in hospital for a month. Whilst there they asked him all kinds of questions about his lifestyle and diet. My friend doesn't drink alcohol or smoke. The doctors were horrified when they found that a large proportion of his diet included KFC and Coca cola. They described the KFC as 'poison' due to the hormones and additives it contains and the coke as 'lethal' as each can contains around 9 teaspoons of sugar. After he was discharged, and diagnosed as diabetic, he was banned from ever eating KFC again and can now only drink diet coke. I asked around the staff for their opinion of KFC and MacDonald's and without exception they all confirmed that they would never eat either product.

I personally would never eat such things anyway. They contain high proportions of things like monosodium glutamate (flavour enhancer) and salt and sugar. Home cooked food is always best. If I'm out and have to eat snack type meals I will eat a pie or fish and chips, never something from those kinds of place. Their products are, invariably, mass produced in factories and contain lots of additives, many of which are bad for you. Avoid them in future.

From what I heard on the news a while ago, 1 KFC meal has 15 trans. fat, which is more than you should eat in a week. And 30 McDonalds cheeseburgers together have 15 trans. fat while only 1 KFC meal has that much.
So yeah, I guess it's unhealthier. People do say to consume as little trans. fat as possible, since it's the dangerous really-bad-for-you fat.

i am sure that it is bad for me actually the chicken is not a real chicken ...
after eating the fried chicken you i feel a fire in my tongue and stomach

KFC frys all their food except their chicken pies...most fast food isn't good for you...too much grease and they usually don't change their grease except every 2-4 days...they also hire kids (teenagers) to close the restaurants at night...how clean do you think those places get with kids cleaning them...so what do you think? I'd stick with other means of eating...go to Subway...they are safe....

David W
It's bad for everybody. whether they eat it or not.
The cruelty to the chickens is gross. there are several videos showing this - it will make you feel sick if you see it.
The birds are pumped full of all sorts of hormones and drugs just to keep them vaguely alive under such overcrowded disgusting conditions. they never see the ;light of day, never get to make a nest, and never get to scratch for food.
And then KFC customers consume all those drugs and hormones when they eat the stuff.
Excuse me while I go and throw up.

Wonder if there any good fast food out there!

Yes, it's bad for you. Having it as a treat once in a while is okay, but regular consumption isn't good. All deep-fried chicken products are very high in fat and calories. For instance, a deep-fried chicken burger (like a McChicken) has several hundred more calores than the beef products, due to the deep frying and batter.

★yaya spheres★
Yes..but i still eat it!
I have few friends working with KFC,
they said actually the chicken is not really well cooked.
You can see the meat is still have reddish colour...
and they are also oily, and have been put too much salt/sodium.

Not all are bad...if we control, it wont harm us.
balance diet u know....

only after your 2nd bucket.....

KFC has a lot of saturated fat. Saturated fat is the worse fat as your body stores it and it can clog up arteries. Many of the fast food items also have saturated. However, some of them offer, soup, baked potatoes and salads. Those aren't bad for you.

It is not great, but as part of a balanced diet it should, all things being equal, be ok every now and again.

Unfortunately, in reality, the manufacturing process that produces this type of thing leaves a great deal to be desired, and if you saw what happened to a chicken between leaving its egg, and getting to your plate, you would not touch it with a barge pole.

All deep fried food are bad for you, they raise your cholesterol. Baked chicken would be much better for your health.

the good thing in those places is that they have chicken which contains proteins - which is a very healthy thing.
the problem is that you also eat lots of carbohydrates that is not healthy.
KFC and mcdonals etc. take a lot of money for actually a little piece of chicken and lots of potato chips....
so basically, yes, fast food is bad!!!!

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