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Im 13 yrs old and today i bench pressed 30kg 20 times am now the weight lifting record holder,your view please

you sound cool : )...I'm 13 too!

big deal,thats only 66lbs.and you're 13?when i was 15 i was bench press america's 18 and under champion with benching 315lbs(142.88 kg)

So What? when I was your age I could bench press 200 pounds, 15 times and I only worked out twice a week.

lindsay s
Way to go!! Good job...keep it up if you like that kind of stuff..

Well done and all, but don't brag about it. I got a promotion at work a few months back, but I didn't come on asking for everyones opinion in an attempt to lap up some praise and attention.

so what do u want a medal? u shouldn't be weight lifting at your age it will stunt your growth.

Congratulations! My view is that that is quite an accomplishment. I will not try to belittle it by stating that you should be studying (since I do not know if you study or not) or stating that I or friends I know can do more than that.

You have a right to your accomplishment, and a right to brag about it a bit. Success is not bad or evil, and please don't let any of the answers here that only serve to make you feel bad for accomplishing something get to you.

Again, congrats! :)

Quite frankly I think you are more impressed with yourself than anyone else is by your "Lifting record." I'm OLD and can bench press more than that.

umm dude? thats only 66 pounds. You are a weight lifting record holder? I generally do 70 pounds 20 times 3 days a week as my workout. I'm 13 as well. Maybe your ego should be toned down a little bit.


Impressive to say the least, but two things to watch out for, lifting weights on a regular basis before your muscles have developed can lead to problems later in life. You need a good weight lifting coach to advise you on how far to go, and how fast. Secondly, what are you doing education wise, how are your grades. Your mind, not your body will determine how much success you achieve in the future.

well done, but be careful you could damage your muscles, always train with a professional.

that surprises me, i have seen some huge 13 yr olds before and 30kg aint much. im sure that some 200bl 13 yr old can benmch way more

My view??? My view on it is that you're lying

I would say slow down and go to a gym and be guided to what your limit is in regards to your age and the fact this could cause health problems in future if you over do it!

Trevor h
thats nice for you - but why do you think anyone else cares?

your sick at least wait till your muscles have developed properly, i didnt and im paying for it now i cant even walk to the end of the road. im only in my 20's

The First
Maybe you should spend more time studying then bench pressing weights....

My View? Your ego is obviously bigger then your muscles. The key question is how is your GPA :)

You are too young to be weight lifting, it will damage your body, you should wait until you are at least 16 before you do this. I used to be a body builder so I know what I'm talking about. At your age you should be doing general sports, like running, cycling and swimming. don't overdo any sport either.

fecking adults being mean to a 13 year old! Haha, some people must have very little self esteem if they do that.

Well done kid, although it does mean nothing to me, I know nothing about lifting weights!

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